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We are incredibly proud of the fact that our very own highly decorated Infrastructure Specialist, Niels Vejrup, has been granted the title of Worldwide Partner Ambassador to HPE.

The email from Mr. Bob Wong, who is the manager of HPE’s WW Partner Ambassador Program under HPE Tech Pro, was sent directly to Niels. At the writing of this story, Niels has not had a lot of time to process the news, but a celebration is in order as this is a distinction which is extremely difficult to obtain. The benefits do not only fall to Niels as this new title benefits both us and our customers greatly. “First off, I am trilled and proud to receive this recognition. My commitment as well as Danoffice IT’s commitment to HPE have always been very strong, wherefore, it is of great significance to obtain this status. I was already a member of their Ranger Program and I applied for this upgrade because I know what a great benefit it will be to us,” Niels Vejrup says.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s WW Partner Ambassador Program plays a key role in their global strategy for further development and partnerships. Jimmy Hougaard, HPE Indirect Manager Channel, explains this as such: “Overall, it is very important to HPE in Denmark to have partner ambassadors like Niels Vejrup. It is our highest distinction and it provides direct access to our back end,” Jimmy Hougaard says and adds: “You become a part of a global community. We are tightly connected with our partners and they play a role in the development of the IT infrastructure of the future.”

Your Direct Access to HPE

There are only a few in Denmark who have the same HPE status as Niels Vejrup and it is something to strive for. The status Niels already has as a HPE Platinum Partner provides access to unique benefits such as first level support, but Niels’ newfound HPE Platinum Partner raises the advantages up another level. This is because we now have the ability to offer our customers a completely unique insight into new launches and product development. “Access to knowledge is what is at play here,” Niels explains. “Globally, there are a couple hundred of us who have this status and we are given direct access to the ones in charge of products and branding at HPE. That is as close as you can get to the products without actually working for HPE, meaning you have direct access to the source.” In total, it becomes the ultimate HPE package to offer to our customer base.  

Jimmy Hougaard from HPE adds to this: “This exemplifies HPE’s overall partner strategy. We take them with us all the way to the back office. But the reward goes both ways. We share our thoughts and discuss the future. Conversely, people like Niels help us so much by providing critical experience from customer interaction. He helps by providing us feedback on how the products and Road Maps are performing in the market,” he says. “It also allows Niels and Danoffice IT the opportunity to contribute to the development of the IT of the future.”  

Planning for the Benefit of Everyone, Not Just Business

Road Maps and the like might seem to go with business and this is certainly an area in which HPE has been very successful for many years and according to Niels, the benefits are substantial, however, not solely for that target group. “In fact, by having this access, we are reaching a broad spectrum. EVERYONE can benefit from our new early insight into products and confidential information,” he says and adds: “Certainly, this will also allow the large customers with big HPE purchases to plan substantially better. They will benefit from our insight into things such as Road Maps. To those customers, it will be more about strategic planning whereas the smaller customers will be focused on the products,” Niels says.

Naturally, we are proud of Niels’ accomplishment and the strengthening of our partnership and collaboration with HPE which is something both Jimmy and HPE join in on: “The title obviously also comes with a rubber stamping of Niels’ and Danoffice IT’s commitment  and abilities. We are providing Niels with access only very few people on a global scale have and we do so because he deserves it. He was already highly certified with HPE and he has a great amount of knowledge and experience, wherefore, we are truly excited to have him on board.   

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