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Two to Three New Danoffice IT Branches within a Year

ITWatch article - April 5, 2023

“We are aiming to open two to three new Danoffice IT branches over the course of the coming 12 months,” our CEO, Lars Baun Jensen, says in an interview with the Danish news outlet ITWatch. Learn more about our plans to grow in the coming year here.

It has now been approximately one year since we opened the new Asia-hub in Singapore. The newly released annual accounting for 2022 unveiled the current results of this well-planned gamble which was an increase in revenue of a whopping 123%. We went from 65.9 million to 146.9 million kroner in merely one year. What that, Asia now makes up 5% of our total revenue.

This created some curiosity for the Danish news outlet ITWatch which they also expressed in their article of March 31 regarding our annual accounting. As a result, they invited our CEO, Lars Baun Jensen, in for an interview regarding our plans for the future. The outcome was yet another excellent article which you can read a brief introduction to here.

The biggest piece of news is that we are aiming to open two to three branches around the world over the course of the coming 12 months. The purpose is to be close to our customers and partners as well as limit the freight of our products to and from the same region in which they are manufactured. The latter is something our customers are watching closely as they see a great benefit in our local presence.

The list of our potential locations has been narrowed down to 10 countries which includes countries such as China, India, and the South American countries. In some regions, it is virtually a prerequisite to have an employee who can speak the local language(s), in addition to English. This is a factor we are including in our considerations. In addition to Singapore, we have branches in Switzerland and USA, and the latter of these is responsible for 621 million kroner of our combined 2022 annual revenue.

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