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We are certified HP Amplify Power Partner with specializations within PS Lifecycle Services and Workstations. Through our partner status and the specializations we guarantee that we are experts within the HP portfolio. We stay on top of our game by participating in conferences, forums and tests.


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HP Amplify Power Partner

We are an HP Amplify Power Partner with specializations within PS lifecycle services and workstations. The partner status and specializations are your guarantee that we know our stuff within HP's portfolio. We keep the knife sharp by participating in conferences, forums and tests.

4-star HP Amplify Impact Partner

Just one year after we were awarded three stars in HP’s Amplify Impact Partner Program, we proudly now add another star. As one of just two 4-Star HP Partners in Denmark, we are taking the lead in the work to create greener IT and a greener industry for the benefit of the environment and our customers. The work is part of an overall effort in which we, as a global company, will continue to increase the efforts to act in a meaningful, responsible, and sustainable manner.  

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With a ZBook workstation you get high performance when it matters most. Performance, stability, security and graphics are paramount, and the ZBook portfolio includes products for employees who work with graphic design software, video editing, game development, product development, large amounts of data, etc.
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