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Aarsleff is one of the leading Danish construction companies and they are used to dealing with complex infrastructures when roads, bridges, and massive construction projects are to be created. They know all about being a part of complex processes and the need to be able to trust deliveries of high quality. This is also the case when it comes to the IT portion of Aarsleff’s daily operations. This is where the quality of a great collaboration is a large factor in ensure that things are working.


When you are a large contractor who has approximately 3,000 PC users, you need to have your equipment in order. Nonetheless, Aarsleff had some problems with the PC deliveries. This is a situation, you would surely not want to find yourself in, and especially not when you have users in several countries. “We were seeing an increase in the instances of things just not running smoothly and we noticed that events such as the Chinese New Year caused us great problems. Around that time, the delivery process was the challenge.” IT ServiceDesk Manager Daniel Tybirk Le-Marc explains.

No Disruptive Fireworks

Aarsleff knows all about controlling heavy, complex, and drawn-out processes that effect the lives of many people, and mostly right around the time of the end result. Therefore, the process itself is as important as the results. “It was very important that we had control over the PC deliveries. “We had not worked with Danoffice IT before, but they offered the solution of a buffer inventory and that sounded like a great solution”, Daniel says, and continues: “We kept them close during the test phase so we could determine if they would keep their word and what they showed us was a sense of collaboration and understanding of processes.”

”They came on board and created a buffer inventory. Next, they created our very own and customized PC2go order portal as a point of distribution. They have fully automated processes related to roll-out of PC images depending on where the PC was needed in the company. A great solution which on our side of things has had a significant impact in the daily operation. There was no disruptive big bang of fireworks which would have added stress to the entire organization. Instead, we had a carefully coordinated, staged process which meant that something which could have been a manageable task, became a really pleasant experience.”

Rolled out by Danoffice IT

The old saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it came into play for Daniel and Aarsleff. They had worked very well with HP for many years, but could feel a difference in the way things come now. “In modern IT, the solutions mean just as much as the technology itself”. Daniel says.

”The fact that we now have Danoffice IT to roll out the machines to a point where the user basically just has to push the button, has been a good solution. And the fact that it has been customized to its core to suit us, makes us very happy.

However, it is not just the delivery, but the collaboration and the relationship which makes all the difference. For instance, we needed to replace quite a few old Windows 7 machines so we had to acquire quite a bit of products and that process was absolutely streamlined. This was also the case when we were merged with a company of 1,000 employees who all had to be switched to our infrastructure. This is when proper delivery and solutions are a key component.”


The Right Model

”There are many PC manufacturers these days and they all come pretty close. However, for several years, we have worked well with HP and we have noticed that their products can accommodate our requirements.” Daniel says and continues: “We have worked to bring down the number of images and match them with specific models, among other things. Our users have a large amount of input on which PC they work with and HP keep up with our desired specifications. For instance, we use standard EliteBooks with i7 and i5 processors, but because we often work with technical drawings and AutoCAD, we also have models that can do a bit more such as HP ZBooks.”

”Danoffice IT actually plays a key role in relation to our desire to have as few models as possible. This is because they take care of the configurations such as keyboards in other languages and extra hard drives. They handle this in their warehouse without the need to switch to a different model”.  


A Part of our Internal IT Eco-System

The way you work together is crucial and this is something Daniel is a big proponent of. So when HP, Aarsleff, and Danoffice IT started their collaboration, things fell into place.

”It feels a bit as if Danoffice IT has become a part of our internal IT eco-system. We have now worked closely together for quite some time and they have been very proactive. They have a sense of what could become a challenge, such as the lack of Intel processors, but they had already looked ahead, anticipated it, and handled it. An added bonus is that we have now started to include them in other topics than PC’s and we are including them in other tasks as well”.

We also need to pick you

”The key term for Danoffice IT is that they are a collaboration partner. I could sense that from our very first meeting during which our Business Relationship Manager said something I have never heard from an IT supplier before: You need to pick us, but keep in mind, we also need to pick you!” And that right there is exactly what we wanted. We wanted both us and them to be committed to the relationship and collaboration.” Daniel Tybirk Le-Marc concludes.

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