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Working to make a difference is deeply ingrained in our DNA. From the beginning, we have maintained our focus on global commerce conducted in a meaningful, responsible, and sustainable manner. An international awareness of sustainability has been brought to life and with that comes powerful initiatives.

At Danoffice IT, we work on improving ourselves as a sustainable partner. We do so through several initiatives including the HP Amplify Impact Partner Program in which we have just been named a 3-star partner.

In 2021, HP introduced their sustainability program called HP Amplify Impact in which they offer collaboration partners all over the world the ability to participate in their training and education to conduct business with their products in a responsible manner. At Danoffice IT, we have an extensive ESG program through which we do business and monitor the process according to several key points. We also incorporate UN’s World Sustainable Development Goals in the way we do business. Furthermore, we have also committed ourselves to becoming a part of the UN's Global Impact. Therefore, it was completely natural for us to become part of HP’s Amplify Program:

“HP is recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable IT companies and by becoming an Amplify Impact Partner, we gain access to the vast knowledge contained in HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy.  This is a knowledge we can use for ourselves but naturally also something we can share with our customers,” Henriette Normann-Ekegren, ESG Manager at Danoffice IT, says, and goes on to add: “Through the Amplify Impact Program, we have trained our sales force in sustainability within the areas of PC’s, printing, and a large number of consumer products. This has increased the dialogue with the customer and because of this, we are truly appreciative for being awarded the status of HP Amplify Impact Catalyst 3-Star Partner.”

For the Customers, the Environment, and the Business

Being able to conduct business internationally in a responsible manner on behalf of our customers is a key element for us and because of this, the collaboration offered by HP is a critical resource. In addition to giving us access to education, sales tools, and in-depth materials and information about sustainability, we are given the opportunity to participate in HP’s Catalyst track. This allows us to measure our efforts and keep up on new sustainable opportunities.

”Working with sustainability is part of our DNA and therefore, it is natural for us to be a part of HP Amplify Impact Partner Program which focuses on sustainability when it comes to the environment, people, and society in general,” Henriette says, and continues: “We have seen an increasing demand for sustainable IT products and solutions from our customers and therefore, it is important to us to train our sales team in IT sustainability so they may offer the customers the best foundation possible.”

Doing the Right Thing

At Danoffice IT, we have great ambitions for our ESG work. We have dedicated ourselves to a long list of wide efforts and goals. Therefore, it is also important for us to feel that our collaboration partners share our goals and mindset. HP’s overall sustainability strategy for the overall company is exceptionally ambitious, in fact their goal is to be the most sustainable and fair tech company, on a global scale, in 2030. HP Amplify is certainly a key component in getting there. On that note, Henriette has a crucial point to share with our business partners:

”One critical piece of the puzzle is to create a new broad awareness: working in a sustainable manner is not about working “despite of”, where you miss out, or the process becomes cumbersome. On the contrary, sustainable business is today more about doing the right thing. As HP says as well, sustainability actually creates quite a bit of business,” she says. At Danoffice IT, we offer solid recycling agreements to our customers in order for them to be ensured that there is business in their used IT equipment. This is just one unique effort among several possibilities. “Green and more circular economy can make a lot of business sense from a customer perspective. Because we have a great focus on environmental and social responsibility, we are naturally thrilled to work with HP on this initiative,” Henriette Normann-Ekegreen, ESG Manager at Danoffice IT, concludes.

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