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We are constantly hit by cyberattacks

All companies face the ever-growing security risks. We are experiencing the most aggressive threat environment in the history of information technology. Developments in IT greatly increase productivity and corporate flexibility - but at the same time it introduces a host of new risks and uncertainties.

Regardless of the size or type of your business, you must address the consequences of your company's digital vulnerabilities, completely in line with whether you are locking your business properly in the evening.


Far from all companies can say that they have full insight into how applications (traditional and web-based) go around the network. The same goes for the traffic of data smoking in and out of the business. At the same time, many people find that IT security creates bottlenecks. Cloud, Big Data and increased use of mobile web solutions place higher demands on faster data transfer, creating situations where it ends up with a choice between security and speed.

Daily threats in the form of Do's attacks, new viruses and malware appear in corporate mailboxes and in corporate IT installation. These attacks are often very expensive and security is therefore a prerequisite for the operation and survival of your company.

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Danoffice IT has security and networking experts who design, install, maintain and update your security solutions.

You avoid the worries in a time where we are constantly hit by many different types of attacks and you can focus on your core business.

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How do we do?

We use tools that provide a detailed insight into the types and number of threats the network are exposed to. We analyze existing and potential threats and make a risk assessment that forms the basis for proactive and prioritized actions in relation to the protection of critical applications and assets, including personal sensitive data and business secrets.

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Know your vulnerabilities with a Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment Program

Become part of the Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP). You will get a detailed insight into the types and number of threats your network is facing. You get in-depth information about your network's current state, including security threats, productivity, and performance.

The CTAP covers:

  • Security and threat prevention
  • User Productivity
  • Network Use


Danoffice IT can perform a Cyber Threat Assessment of your network in just a few days – and for free!


Danoffice IT offers a carefully selected range of security services. We have chosen to focus on the solutions and manufacturers that we believe are the strongest, with the best solutions on the market today.

We focus on flexible solutions that meet your company's specific needs while ensuring safety for your business. To help you choose the proper solution, we've compiled some examples of what we think you should choose.

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Aruba Central

Aruba Central offers simple, secure and cost-effective network monitoring and management with built-in analytics and intuitive dashboards.

Aruba Central is a simple, solid and high-performing network platform that releases IT resources and secures your users' access 24/7.

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Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager is the most advanced access control platform on the market for secure network access and policy control with features such as automated credentialing, social media login, advanced reporting tools, and much more.

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Fortinet offer a number of excellent security products with well-known solutions such as Fortinet Next Generation Firewalls, FortiGate, FortiClient, FortiGuard and Fortinet Security Fabric.

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