A comprehensive and scalable platform that extends the boundaries of traditional solutions for secure network access control.

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager is the most advanced platform for access control, security and management for both cable and wireless networks.

The platform provides role- and unit-based control and management in connection with network access for employees, subcontractors and guests across all types of networks. It does not matter whether it is cable, wireless or VPN infrastructure, or whether there are one or more network providers. ClearPass is unmatched as a foundation for network security in any organization.

The system includes ClearPass Exchange, which provides broader and better security coverage through the integration of firewalls, EMM and other existing solutions. Exchange also allows for automation of threat protection and workflows in third-party vendor security and IT systems - processes that previously required disregarding IT department time and resources.

ClearPass also supports secure, easy self-service that lets end users configure their own devices for business use (known as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD) or to use the corporate network. In addition, users of Aruba solutions can register AirPlay, AirPrint, DLNA, and UPnP-compliant devices for sharing.



  • Self-registration - adjustable guest portal with intuitive, easy login process

  • Branding - logos, images and advertising offer the opportunity to interact with users and promote the company, its mobile applications and special offers

  • Automated credentialing process - registration process that can provide authentication information via SMS, email or print depending on the security requirements of the company

  • Optimized for mobile devices - access portal with automatic adaptation to the type of device being used

  • Industry-leading scalability - enterprise-level networking, with high-capacity guest systems that can be customized to any type of organization

  • Secure guest access - encryption of login and network traffic for public/shared networks

  • Social media login - features that allow retailers, large public areas, and public places to let users access networks (for free) using their social media profiles such as Facebook or Twitter, via user demographic data registration

  • Third-party integration - adjustable workflows through REST-based API’s provide streamlined registration and payment system integration.
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Advanced reporting, insights and notifications

Policy Manager includes advanced reporting tools that can work with many different types of data. Information about approvals, profiled devices, guest data, onboard devices and endpoint status can all be accessed and analyzed via an unified dashboard that includes fine-masked, adjustable alert features.

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Advanced policy management

Get full visibility and enforcement of cable and wireless network security policies with ClearPass. Organizations can deploy wireless networks through standard 802.1X solutions with robust authentication settings. At the same time, ClearPass can create solutions beyond 1X cable network policies via OnConnect.

It is an excellent solution for organizations that are not ready to fully transition to full 802.1X and AAA security coverage for their entire cable infrastructure. ClearPass allows for a hybrid approach that provides insight into all devices' access to the network, whether it is computers, smartphones or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

At the same time, CPPM authentication methods can be used to support a variety of user scenarios. This includes support for multifactor authentication based on, for example, login times, position checks or the creation of new users/devices. Content from multiple sources, such as Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP-compliant directories, ODBC-compliant SQL databases, token servers, and internal databases, can be used across domains in the same security policy to ensure fine-mesh access control.

The content of data from profiled devices allows the IT department to define which devices can access cable, VPN, or wireless networks. Profile changes for individual devices can be dynamically used to change privileges and permissions. For example, if a laptop on the network appears as a printer, ClearPass security policies can automatically revoke - or deny the device network access.

ClearPass Onboard can provide automated, secure device configuration for personal devices, no matter if their operating system is Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Chromebook or Ubuntu.

All types of devices can be configured through a user-driven, self-guided portal. Required settings for SSIDs, 802.1X, and security certificates are automatically configured on approved devices.

Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager dashboard
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Check the condition of the devices

ClearPass OnGuard can perform advanced analysis of the state of endpoints using wireless, cable and VPN connections. OnGuard's health check ensures that devices and other endpoints are constantly meeting your organization's security requirements, and secures the network against potentially harmful devices even before connecting to the network.

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Fast, mobile connection to critical applications

ClearPass Auto Sign-On makes it easy to access applications via mobile devices. As soon as the network approves the device, the user is automatically connected to the company's applications. Single sign-on (SSO) features can be integrated with Ping, Okta, and other identification tools to enhance the user experience associated with SAML 2.0-based applications.

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ClearPass guest

ClearPass Guest is a scalable, easy-to-use solution for managing guest access to the network. Secure, automated guest access provides a better user experience for both employees and visitors, partners and customers who can access wireless and wired networks through any device.

Self-registration and sponsored network access allow credentials and pre-approved access privileges to be set for specific guests, whether for a short visit or a longer stay, without turning into an extra workload for, for example, receptionists. Once a user is registered, credentials can be sent via SMS, email or in printed form. Accounts can be set to expire automatically after a specified number of hours or days.

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Many benefits

ClearPass Guest runs on the ClearPass Policy Manager platform, which includes tools for recognition, authorization, bookkeeping, device profiling, reporting and enforcement of security policies. The platform architecture can be scaled smoothly, reducing redundancy and unnecessary overlap, and includes adjustable management and reporting capabilities that cover every need for enforcement - and insight into security policies for employees and guests.



The major US consulting firm, Gartner, has released their Magic Quadrant 2019 for wired and wireless LAN infrastructure. Here, Aruba once again scores top marks on their networking technology.

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