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It is tempting to bring out the familiar phrase: It’s finally here! A brand-new service which has already started a ripple effect in the great ocean of the IT industry. The ability to operate VMware as well as ongoing updates and maintenance of your hypervisor level are the talk of the town. It gives us great pleasure to introduce our new VMware as a Service.  

“Over the course of several years, we have sold an incredible amount of hardware that has had VMware installed on it,” Annette Lading, Vice President, Managed Services, says to start us off. “As a natural course of business, things must be updated and when it comes to VMware, we have been doing it ad hoc just like everyone else for many years. Therefore, having a service such as this will be a great value-add to our customers right out of the gate. What we are offering here is something many truly need and therefore, we can make a significant difference.”  

Proactivity and Oversight

When it comes to IT services, our clear mission is to make life easier for our customers. We aim to free up resources in the IT departments of companies and organizations by removing the routine tasks in order for the focus to be placed on efficiency, the users, and the business. “With VMware as a Service, we manage ongoing maintenance. Proactivity is the operative word. The goal is to free up dedicated efforts and time,” Annette explains and adds: “We set up monitoring which is running constantly and we monitor release cycles. These are usually two very big items in IT operations. Some customers choose all releases and some choose every other release. We make sure it fits the customer’s operation and strategy and anything is possible.”

Free Access to Specialists

One of the most important aspects of the service is that wait time has been eliminated because you no longer need to book a consultant when you have an issue. In addition to that, your organization saves a substantial amount of resources on maintaining various levels of specialization.

“It is difficult for companies whether they are in the public or private sector to maintain the specialist skills involved in this service and therefore, we add a significant value. We have a large team of specialists who are up-to-date within these areas and we are accessible to the customer immediately,” Mark Løgtved Møller, explains. Mark is an Architect who works with VMware operations on a daily basis. “It goes without saying that we also manage the security portion through which we actively perform patching to protect the customer.”


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5 Things You Should Know

  • Our service is vendor neutral which means we can provide the service for hardware from any manufacturer.

  • You do not need to be a large corporation to participate! Typically, companies having fewer IT resources will benefit tremendously from this service.

    We can manage customers starting at 2 hosts and up.

  • We do and so much more. All combined, we have more than 100 years of experience in operations and monitoring ready to assist you on an ongoing basis.

  • No! This service is designed for maintenance and operations of your hypervisor layer in VMware. You can manage the operations on your own, but feel free to reach out if you would like us to manage operations in other areas because we can handle almost everything with our wide service catalogue

  • There are others who offer shared hosting and there is some overlap with portions of our service, but we are among the very few who can take over your hardware and VMware completely which further illustrates our level of specialization.

VMware and Broadcom – What is Happening?

Naturally, there are various speculations about the next step in the development of Broadcom and VMware. We have a dedicated focus to monitoring the merging of the two companies including the efforts made and effects of the merger on an ongoing basis. However, every customer has a different starting point and therefore, no company will have the exact same effects, however, we can counsel and assist everyone with finding the right solution for them. Contact us for assistance and counseling. 


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How Can We Help You Get Started?

We are always ready to offer you feedback over the phone, but if you would like a more thorough review before getting started, we offer the following:


Inspiration Presentation

We come to you and offer you a review of the service and an outline of the benefits for you.


Workshop and Roadmap

In collaboration with you, we conduct a 4-hour workshop and this could take place right after the Inspiration Presentation. During the workshop, we will go over the options of the service in detail and discuss the specific options for your business and its needs.


Operational with Your Service

As your professional partner, we guide you through the various phases of implementation: adoption, security, compliance, input for maturity of the company, and other phases to be completed during an implementation project.

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