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With a dedicated Technical Architecture Management resource (TAM) from Imprivata, the Capital Region of Denmark has secured a close relationship at both the strategic and tactical level to Imprivata, whose solution forms a large and central part of the region’s infrastructure. The combination of a dedicated TAM from Imprivata and Conecto’s consultants has resulted in stronger and more efficient collaboration that drives quicker development at the Capital Region.

Created juni 2020

Since this case were written Conecto A/S is aquired and integrated in Danoffice IT ApS. This does not change the topicality or approach to the case story and project.

”With the new role, the TAM is bridging collaboration between us, Conecto and Imprivata ensuring continuous communication between all parties,” says Henning Høgh, System Consultant in the Client Platform department, CIMT at the Capital Region of Denmark. “As a customer, we are constantly updated on new possibilities and developments from Imprivata on relevant aspects of our solution, as well as the implications for the many systems that our solution integrates with. Because Imprivata solutions integrate with many systems, the TAM has a deep understanding and knowledge spanning technologies needed to identify issues - and ultimately to resolve them. The role has also ensured an optimal and well-defined collaboration, where the TAM from Imprivata works on improving or developing the con- cept or product - and our consultants from Conecto ensure that our solution is up and running smoothly.”

Proactive Approach

The new TAM role is characterised by a more proactive approach to the customer dialogue.

The TAM provides ongoing updates including how other customers around the world use the solution as well as best practices. Combined with product news and knowled- ge about the customer - the TAM ensures in a roadmap of interesting projects and solutions that are relevant to the customer.

This roadmap helps the Capital Region of Denmark structu- re and implement projects with the right and required fea- tures, ensuring that the installation is functioning optimally and that the Capital Region are utilising all relevant aspects of their solution. The TAM, so to speak, provides full focus on structuring and developing the customer’s installation in the optimal direction.

A business perspective on our solution

“In addition to the TAM challenging us and – on our terms – driving the technology into our organisation, the TAM is also our voice at Imprivata. The TAM passes on our needs and requests to Imprivata and lobbies on our behalf in order to get them prioritised.” Henning elaborates, “One might say, that we have an extra resource that looks at our solution from a business perspective. A person that proactively acts on potential issues before they pose a problem, presents us with exciting new opportunities, helps us solve challenges and escalate issues, while pushing quality assurance and further development of the product in the direction we need. Just like our consultants from Conecto consider solutions and issues from our business perspecti- ve. The TAM represents our interests and evaluates opportunities, challenges and the need for development from our perspective in both the short- and long-term.”


The Capital Region of Denmark has among other things developed the following projects in collaboration with Conecto and their Imprivata TAM:

  • Mobile Device Authentication

  • NSIS-project

    (National Standard for Identiteters Sikringsniveauer)

  • EpicConnector

Creating Value

The responsibilities and framework in the new TAM role have given customers like the Capital Region a better opportunity to establish a solid relationship with their TAM through on-site days and a structured dialogue about the projects and tasks in the agreed roadmap.


As Henning emphasises: “It creates real value with a TAM, who has a thorough knowledge of us, our situation and business. We have a much more successful collaboration, resulting in a structured and focused approach to driving the development in the right direction for us. After all, Im- privata is an American company and though they are dedi- cated to the healthcare sector, there are a lot of differences between the Danish and the American healthcare systems and their requirements. Therefore, the TAM is a great solu- tion for us: a dedicated resource ensuring a high technical quality, enabling us to leverage the best of Imprivata and push for changes that are relevant and important to us in Denmark.”

About The Capital Region, CIMT

The Capital Region of Denmark - Centre for IT, Medi- co and Telecommunications (CIMT) is with approxi- mately 975 employees Denmark’s largest public health technology centre.

CIMT creates the foundation for a well-functioning healthcare system by operating, supporting and developing IT, medical technology and telecom- munications at the Capital Region of Denmark’s 9 hospitals, 3 cross-border businesses and 7 centres. Projects range widely: From IT infrastructure proje- cts to organisational implementation of healthcare IT solutions.

CIMT’s most important task is to ensure that the Capital Region of Denmark’s almost 40,000 full-time employees efficiently use healthcare technology at international top level, thereby ensuring good condi- tions for a high quality and efficiency in patient care.



Benefits for the Capital Region of Denmark

  • Dedicated resource with technical focus

  • Direct updates on news and opportunities

  • Continuous sparring on relevant opportunities and development.

  • Roadmap for both existing and upcoming projects and tasks.

  • Efficient collaboration and solid communication with Conecto and Imprivata.

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