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Vestas is a beacon for the green development, both here in Denmark and around the world. More than a company and more than wind turbines – something greater. But it is also an organization which can work through adjustment processes in a way that we could all only dream of.

This applies to the complete and efficient mobility journey which the company embarked upon in 2017. A journey we are proud to be a part of. Vestas has managed to realize a global use of Apple devices while lowering the environmental impact and thus improving the business impact tremendously, all while keeping an ideal user experience at the forefront.

A savings of 400,000 hours of manpower and millions of dollars. That is just one of the effects of the digital transformation started by Vestas when they transitioned to a pure Apple platform for mobile devices. In addition to that, the transformation contributed to bringing down the company’s emissions in that the devices being replaced are being returned and recycled. This is a service we offer from our Warehouse in Denmark.  

Vestas had already started their journey when we came on board to assist in managing their mobile devices. The mobility journey started at their sites, right where they erect the wind turbines. Vestas was distributing iPads containing the SitePlanner app to their Construction Site Managers. The effects of that were so significant that it kicked the final mobility project into gear. As far as I know, nobody has been able to demonstrate similar results simply by allowing the proper devices, the correct handling, and the unsurpassed optimal user experience be the controlling elements of the project.

iPads help maintain the oversight and control when the turbines are erected.

”We estimate that by using the iPad, we can save one day of crane rental per project. With 300 projects or more each year, that results in a savings of millions of dollars”, Troels Fleckenstein, VP of Vestas Global IT says and clarifies this by explaining that the crane makes up the majority of the cost when a wind turbine is erected.

From Cradle to Resurrection

”The core component of what we have incorporated into the collaboration with Apple and Vestas is a Supply Chain Service with an extreme focus on the end-user experience”, our Sales Director Morten Arknæs explains. “Currently, the Vestas users can chose between four Apple products: iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPad 10.2” and iPad Pro. They are shipped from our Danish Warehouse in which they are also prepared with the proper accessories and configuration for the individual user. It is delivered with a return box in order for the user to return the old Apple device, unless of course the user is a new hire. Upon receipt of the old device, we will then ensure that data is deleted and that the device is resurrected and recycled.

The only task required of the user is to open the box, enter his/her user id and all systems, apps, and data are immediately accessible. This global service we created for Vestas ensures that the company’s Apple devices are swapped out automatically. There are no old devices laying around in drawers. This is a lifecycle management solution and we are proud to play a small role in supporting Vestas in their already very green thumbprint”.

Vestas' 10,000 service technicians have access to the information they need via iPhones and the One Field Service app with no obstacles.

The Apple devices are shipped from our Danish Warehouse, in which they are prepared with the proper accessories and configuration for the individual user.

One Platform – the Best Platform

In order to grasp the extent of the Apple solution to which Vestas has switched, one must look at the early beginnings. Despite the fact that we are tiny in the presence of businesses such as Apple and Vestas, we presented the Rolls Royce model. Everything was included. It sounds trivial, but if your users are saving time, then they are also more productive which means using an iPad in a global organization such as Vestas can truly be worth quite a bit of money. We factor in the User Experience in everything we do. We provide the right people and then the right User Journey and the result is that together, we will create the best possible service.

”The end-user perspective must permeate everything. The slightest IT disturbance for the end-user is essential when you are working in such a dynamic environment as Vestas. That being said, we had a challenge in that we needed to introduce lifecycle, logistics optimization, IT security, and introduce one (Apple) platform in one go. It was a complex task, but we are proud to announce: mission accomplished”, Kenneth Kallestrup, Director of User Productivity & Collaboration at Vestas Global IT says about the collaboration with us.

Morten confirms: ”We did not force a mindfulness of the user experience on Vestas. They themselves actually mentioned the User Experience before we could when they asked about the global roll-out. It was a key component for them.”

There is no such thing as too many devices…

This is a dangerous notion which has brought about a lot of damage in terms of overconsumption, waste and everything but sustainability. Vestas is a global frontrunner for the change which is seeping through all political agenda and consciousness today: A change to save our climate. Therefore, a device management service at the level of Vestas must naturally fulfill and follow the strictest of requirements for sustainability.

”Financial sustainability is a given, but the fact that the Apple devices are recycled is a powerful initiative in sustainability. An iPhone 11 is not an inexpensive device, BUT over time, it is actually less expensive than other products because it maintains a very different value when it comes time to replacing it” Morten explains.

Augmented reality in iPads make it possible to show the customer what the wind turbines will look like in their surroundings when working on a new project

One Organization – One Platform

Today, we have one unified Vestas running on the same Apple platform. After the implementation of iPads and the Site Planner app for the Construction Managers, they moved on to sales and marketing. Augmented reality in iPads make it possible to show the customer what the wind turbines will look like in their surroundings when working on a new project. Then, we moved on to the 10,000 Field Service Technicians who service the wind turbines and then finally, the 24 manufacturing plants, and the effects were lasting.

”We have noticed a greater motivation because the technology no longer is a hindrance, but rather an aid”, Troels Fleckenstein, VP at Vestas Global IT, says.

We have served as a partner from day one in the transition to the Apple devices. We help design and sculpt the user process, from ordering, preparation, and delivery to start of use. And then ultimately, also return and recycling. BUT the fact that the entire process is being implemented in practice is solely caused by the organization of Vestas. The units we roll out to Vestas are packed with state-of-the-art custom apps which will support the users in their work and Vestas in its business practice. An implementation and adaptation on the scale we are witnessing here and what’s more, its success, is 100% the result of the fact that their organization is set up for this. Their culture supports the change. It is truly remarkable, to say the least.

Morten concludes with the following: ”We have been and continue to be a part of a terrific collaboration with Vestas and Apple. The last three years leading up to the full launch have been tremendously inspiring and we must give praise to Vestas for their courage, progressive thinking, and tenacity, and to Apple for delivering quality and service on a scale completely in their own league.

”We have almost 80,000 wind turbines all over the world and the number is increasing rapidly. We must optimize our processes in three important areas. Security, speed, and scale. And the technology from Apple delivers in all three areas.” Troels Fleckenstein, VP in Vestas Global IT, concludes.

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