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Ever since the founding of Danoffice IT back in 1995 we have worked intensely on building a strong practice and business ethics. It’s about the way we work, about propriety and to contribute to elevating the standard of our business area. A perennial continuous work, which is underlined by our ISO certification dealing with anti-bribery.

Clear conscience. Straight arrows. A guiding line. The right side of the law. The terms are many, but we only have one attitude: We do not tolerate corruption! As a part of the 17 World goals of United Nations, we see the fight against corruption as an integral part of our DNS. The World goal 16 is about peace, justice, and strong institutions, whereunder the anti-corruption work lies.

In Danoffice IT we are proud of receiving our ISO 37001 certificate as a clear manifestation of our efforts.

“We disassociate ourselves from any form of fraud and corruption. In both our own business and in the World in general. We have worked against it for almost three decades, so we can pull some weight in pushing the standards. I am proud to say, that we are Best in Class, but more importantly, that we contribute to making a small difference in all the countries, where we do business”

Standards create safety

The quite serious background must also be seen as a positive and welcome management tool. “Our work with Anti-Bribery is a tool, which is in use throughout the company”, says Contract & Compliance Manager Ole Hansen, and continues: “Standards like these provides safety and comfort to all. For our customers, when they deal with us – but in particular to our employees. Everyone has clear guidelines for how to act and behave, so it is definitely also to protect our employees. We operate in countries and areas of the World, where there is a completely different look on corruption. If we do not hold these standards, the responsibility is at the individual employee. This is a totally unfair responsibility, so we are very happy to have these straight guidelines.”


A proper story

We as a business creates relations – we are very aware of that. And we are in a line of business, where you do what you can to make yourself attractive to your existing and potential customers. The competition is fierce. “Throughout the company, we work hard to be the preferred partner to our customers – but it has to be done in the right way”, says Ole.

Compliance Specialist, Kamilla Egehav voices in: “Working with the largest relief organisations, we reach the whole World. One example could be in customs clearance of goods, where corruption is very common in certain areas. But we have been practicing for many years, so we know how to get our shipments into a country without any risk of misunderstandings or misinterpretations. We know how to handle these cases and stay on the right side”.


Physical conditions to act

The work with ISO 37001 is also supported by a line of logistical advantages, which we have built over the years. “One advantage, where we really differentiate, is the capacity to handle not only warehousing, but also customer specific stocks as a part of our inhouse logistics”, Olestates.

“It is obviously a great security for the very large global customers, but definitely also to our customers in Denmark – particularly our public customers in edgemo. Not only do we help them get their goods very quickly, but it also ensures that all processes are within the legislation”, Kamilla adds.

Zero Tolerance

Three bottles of a nice red wine may seem innocent. Which may also be true. But the fact alone, that it can be misunderstood, is enough. It defines our line of absolute Zero Tolerance. “We have a strong focus on Risk Management”, Ole tells. “Hence the mantra is Zero Tolerance. I have never had any cases of questioning our course”.


One of the parameters, which our auditors Bureau Veritas put emphasis on, was the consistency throughout our Supply Chain, whether it is locally or in remote parts of the World. “Our work reaches the far corners of the map. All steps, which represents us, must acknowledge and comply with our codecs and our Export Compliance”, states Kamilla.

The product is secondary?

But how is a company from a small country like Denmark allowed to do business with and on behalf of the largest organisations on the Planet, when they can purchase PC’s and other IT equipment around the corner locally? According to Ole and Kamilla, the answer is, that it is really our logistics system and anti-corruption work they buy. “The products are almost secondary – there are many other factors weighing in heavily”, it’s said.

“We are extremely happy with this certification. We aim for, that the farthest reaches of our Supply Chain act properly. Even if we are trading into other codecs, we know how we must act. I am incredibly proud of how well anchored this consciousness is in our employees – Big kudos to them. It’s a unique quality, when we’re dealing with Danish companies and public organisations – and out in the World”, Lars Baun concludes.

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