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An unpredictable and unstable infrastructure makes it difficult to work with peacekeeping and humanitarian assignment in politically unstable and troubled countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Because the IT-infrastructure is the heart of the organisation. It is the IT-infrastructure that binds the organisation together digitally across all the corners of the world, when there is several thousand kilometers between the main office and small field offices.

One engine for all locations

New available technology helps break down the barriers between the main office and every office spread across the globe in hot spot locations, fare from regular infrastructure, stable network and educated IT-personnel. The physical distances which works against efficient cloud services are mitigated and services are efficiently made available to the organisation.

A refugee camp in central Somalia, a peacekeeping outpost in Iraq or development project in Brazil can work as efficiently with the main office, as if it was situated right next to.

One engine for all locations Next gen infrastructure correlates all hardware and software onto one lightning fast platform. The keywords are: Consolidation, Uniformity and Speed.


The physical distances which works against efficient cloud services are mitigated and services are efficiently made available to the organisation


Legacy storage- and server solutions are replaced by one Hybrid Cloud Hyperconverged platform, so all unites are controlled centrally. This simplifies the overview, lowers the cost of operation and does not require special on-premise competences to maintain. Everything is run centrally.

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With consolidation, comes a more concise architecture and a simpler infrastructure. When all hardware and software is consolidated in one unified solution, it is substantially easier to implement, maintain and scale according to need.

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Replication of data between main office and field offices executes quickly and effectively, rendering long response times a thing of the past. All data is compressed automatically, which saves on capacity needs for bandwidth, storage and back-up. Data is deduplicated and compressed and mirrored centrally with the main office’s datacenter.

HPE SimpliVity is the next gen planforms that can effectively orchestrate traffic between locations across the globe. HPE SimpliVity is built on one of the world’s most secure and intelligent servers: the HPE Proliant DL380. It has the stability and the scalability that is needed to run a global organisation.

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HPE SimpliVity business benefits in figures

reduction in data center devices

reduction in storage

increase in staff productivity

Logistics in hot spots

Reach your goal – safely The right IT-solutions is invaluable, but only if it is there when you need it. What if it shows up late at the hot spot in central Africa – or worse not at all? A lot of small details can prevent IT-equipment from reaching its destination when importing to developing countries, embargo countries and countries wrought by political and economic instability and unrest.

Logistics is an important keyword when it comes to deploying new technology quickly, safely and supporting the sustainable development goals on antibribery all the while strictly adhering to export regulations.

Optimal logistics requires experience and knowledge of everything from processes and export rules to cultural and political insights. In most cases it provides an extra level of security to do business with a partner that holds a System Contract and has a global manufacturers mandate for IT-equipment and -services.

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Good infrastructure is key

The practical part of logistics is also important for successful implementation of a solution. It takes a 360 degrees overview of all equipment such as cables, spare parts etc. when considering the destination, as critical parts are seldom locally available in hot spot locations. What is the need today? And within the next 12 months? The infrastructure must be secured and functioning so productivity does not grind to a halt because a simple piece of equipment is missing.

By removing complexity from the IT-infrastructure, organisations can get an ultra-modern platform in the most rural parts of the world that is supported primarily from the main office. By having a secure and experienced logistical setup, organisations can effectively focus on the lifesaving projects that they spearhead.

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HPE SimpliVity highlights

Data Center Consolidation: Minimize data center footprint, reduce data center devices by 10:1, resulting in lower upfront costs, greater operational efficiency and improved performance.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery: Protect your data in a fraction of the time required by legacy solutions. With built-in, end-to-end data protection and automated disaster recovery, HPE SimpliVity reduces storage and bandwidth requirements, resulting in more recovery points and enhanced VM protection.



  • Drive down costs without sacrificing performance or resiliency

  • Get more virtual desktops on less hardware; easily add nodes when you deploy new desktops; and globally backup, restore or clone a VM in three clicks or less

  • Hyperconverged in a Hybrid Cloud: Get enterprise-level performance and reliability with the efficiency, flexibility and economics of cloud. HPE SimpliVity is a natural fit for a hybrid environment and offers the cost benefits of public cloud without the inherent risks of moving data off site

  • High Performance All-Flash Storage: HPE SimpliVity all-flash storage delivers twice the performance of hybrid solutions with half the latency, at an entry point that costs 20% less than competitors

  • Don't compromise on quality

  • Improve cost savings over leading all-flash solutions and get even higher levels of performance, data integrity, and availability.
HPE SimpliVity highlights


Danoffice IT has decadess of experience on exclusively supplying and servicing IT equipment to international organizations, governmental and non-governmental, and business-to-business partners operating worldwide.

We support more than 400 organizations in more than 180 countries. Danoffice IT is a recognized brand to multinational corporations and organizations who need a true global IT partner, supporting any need wherever it may be.

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