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You’re already protecting your
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can you keep information private at its
most public place?

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Whether humanitarian workers are faced with natural or man-made disasters, effectiveness and mobility is the number one priority when creating an overview of the tasks ahead.

And the preparations and briefings need to start prior to arrival, as an enabled workforce is crucial in order to solve the tasks ahead.
A mobile worker adds valuable preparation time to the mission ahead and offers the possibility to scale and mobilize resources to the right places. The average amount of devices for each worker has increased significantly and it is now easier to work efficiently when needed.
The dilemma of every IT-manager is the fact that mobile workers are effective, but yet the endpoint is the weakest node in any network.

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Mobile security in unstable and unpredictable environments

Adding mobility to an IT-infrastructure also brings a serious security risk to any organization. Adding a mobile workforce to politically unstable and troubled countries or other high stress environments is probably the worst nightmare of an IT-decision maker. On one hand you need to keep your data and strategies safe from breaches and on the other you have to give the humanitarian workers space and confidence to work.

Phishing: the cybercrime stalwart
Phishing preys on user inattention to security and it workd. According to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report:

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Our Numbers

Of data breached by phishing are credentials

Of users open phishing emails

Of visuel hacking attempts are succesful

Compromised devices

Malicious attacks to Endpoints are increasing and becoming more advanced. The phishing e-mails are harder to identify and Antivirus software in particular is shockingly ineffective. The mobile worker should be able to access important data when needed and malicious attacks can add costly time to the humanitarian mission.

With HP Device Access Manager, you can secure both the endpoint and the data on your PC by requiring identity authentication when accessing input and output devices such as removable media (USB), speaker, microphone and webcam or smart cards and more. HP Device Access Manager enables you to customize control and provide read, write, allow or denying data access to data on the hardware.

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