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Whether your organisation is small, medium or classified as a large enterprise, the traditional model of purchasing IT infrastructure is often the same. Investments in new infrastructure typically happen every 3-5 years and during the design process, many go through the same challenges of provisioning capacity that’s too high or too low for their actual needs. The fear of the wrong choice of architecture often makes businesses take very conservative choices and provision their infrastructure with 60-100% more than their actual needs.  More often than not, companies  also take a conservative choice when investing in technology. Instead of investing in more innovative solutions to make sure they will have the right technology to support future business model changes, they hold back due to worries whether they have the right competencies and skillset within the organisation. This purchase model and way of designing future purchases is a very expensive insurance in order to make sure you can handle the future performance needs of the enterprise. Furthermore, the design decisions are often based on guesswork instead of data-based analytics.


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Pay only for your actual performance use

Whether we’re talking about streaming services, shared transportation or IT infrastructure, we are focused on the value and flexibility that a service offers, compared to the traditional model of owning hardware. 

With the innovative consumption-based IT model from HPE called GreenLake, you get an “as-a-service” solution for your workload running in your datacenter. This provides you with a cloud-like experience, with the difference being that you are in control of your data and have an optimal and stable response time to match your needs for mission critical workloads. GreenLake prepares you for growth and helps you scale when needed without any upfront investment and without waiting months to expand the IT infrastructure.

Transformational journey for your business needs

HPE GreenLake is one of the fastest growing businesses within HPE and in the most recent quarter sales were 20%1 up. The choice of consumption-based IT is truly transformational for the business by providing a transparent overview of your costs and your current and future workloads. The burden of managing infrastructure is taken off the shoulders of the enterprise and resources are freed up to focus on more valuable work tasks and business-oriented projects.

The consumption-based IT solution can easily expand to the edge and to the cloud and delivers more choice for organisations who are focused on both performance and data compliance.  HPE GreenLake also includes a customer portal that displays capacity usage data so you can assess performance and cost in real time and always plan ahead.  


of Enterprises have had performance complaints as a result of under provisioning

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Experienced advisory on your journey in consumption-based IT

Danoffice IT has proven experience in advising our customers in consumption-based IT. We work with several multinational corporations and organisations on transforming workloads to HPE GreenLake. We are brand agnostic and always put ourself in the Customers chair to offer the best solution in any given situation for our Customers. When recommending a Greenlake solution, we make sure this always includes extra capacity, ready to be activated when you need more capacity and performance. Payment for extra capacity is opnly activated once it is activated and utilized.

Our Customer base is very loyal which is a result of Danoffice IT being brand agnostic and able to provide the right advise at anytime. For almost 25 years our focus has been around providing solutions to UN and NGO Organizations. UN have seen the benefit of working with us on migrating their workloads to HPE Greenlake and the advantages from having a cloud-like scalability whilst still living up to data compliance needs.  

Top 5 features with consumption-based IT

  • Avoid unnecessary costs from over provisioning
  • Optimise response time and flexibility
  • Up- and down scale your capacity as needed
  • Eliminate capital investments by being billed on a monthly basis
  • Keep control of your data



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Danoffice IT has almost 25 years of experience on exclusively supplying and servicing IT and IS equipment to international organisations, governmental and non-governmental, and business-to-business partners operating worldwide. We support more than 400 organisations in more than 170 countries. Danoffice IT is a recognised brand to multinational corporations and organsations who need a true global IT partner, supporting any need wherever it may be.