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Danoffice IT offers all the brand leading printers – and delivers to the most remote corners of the globe with secure and seamless cross border movement.

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HP – Preferred partner

Our preferred print supplier is HP Inc. Whether you own a small business or run a large business, you can count on HP's reliable and cost-effective printers. HP's printers also offer everything within security, as corporate printers are one of the places hackers love to use as the gateway for enterprise systems. HP integrates security into all their products to ensure your business.



The larger a company and organization, the greater the need to have an actual print strategy. Where should the printers be located? Should you own or rent? What employees need what? And how do you create an overview of maintenance and service? These are some of the challenges that Danoffice IT can help meet with our comprehensive range of print solutions and strategies for businesses and government institutions.


Many companies do not realize how much an expense the company's printing solution really is. In addition, it is often a huge burden on the environment.

We can help you with advice on how to make the most of your existing or new printers. Reviewing your printing infrastructure provides an understanding of current costs and enables planning of an optimized installation.



We offer all companies that have mininum 10 network printers a free and non-binding meeting where we review the current solution and provide suggestions for optimization.

In addition, you can get an analysis that includes 1 month of electronic data collection from your network printers and subsequently approx. 6 hours of analysis and reporting if you have minimum 50 network printers. That way you can see how much you can save.

You get a 4 page report with a crystal clear overview of your current print status:

  • Number and distribution of units
  • Print volume
  • Color & black & white consumption
  • Power consumption
  • Calculating your possible savings

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