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Customer service can be many things. For us, however, it is primarily about one thing - to make our customers happy. That is why we offer a wide range of services that both facilitate your everyday life and appear on the bottom line.

Our service team has experience with many types of IT installations and gives you structured and constructive sparring.

Many companies today sign service and maintenance contracts on their IT environment. But how do you ensure that your service agreements are signed on the right basis and are updated when you invest in new equipment or discard the old one?



We handle all the underlying service around software and hardware equipment. This includes:

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Get you covered

We investigate whether your equipment is properly covered - and whether it is worthwhile for you to replace old equipment with new one. Service levels are reviewed and adjusted, and new hardware and software are updated on appointments. Service contract offers are automatically generated when a warranty or service is about to expire.

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Synchronizing old agreements

We review your old service agreements - and check to see if you have any equipment that is not in use. We stand for terminations or renewals - while ensuring that your installation, SLAs and service levels are continuously synchronized.

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Service contracts that match your needs

We ensure that the service contracts you sign with IT suppliers are managed and renewed and match your current needs at all times - at no extra cost to you. It gives you more time for the core business and assurance that your IT environment is working optimally. We are constantly watching and can therefore go in good time and assess which new equipment and service agreement your company is best served with - also financially.

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We are your warranty

We have extremely great insight into the service area and have a huge network in the different IT suppliers. That is the key when we act on your behalf. Our consultants have many years of experience and are ready to help you, no matter how complex your challenge is.


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