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For more than two decades, we have worked with Dell Technologies both in Denmark and on a global scale. Therefore, it is very important to us to jointly stay abreast of the new developments. Since 2022, the large global conference, Dell Technologies World has been a key part of the knowledge exchange regarding new products and the technology of the future. The overall agenda for the Dell Technologies World 2024 can be summed up in two letters: AI. 

The pandemic seems to be in the distant past and we can confirm that we have not forgotten how to get together for the things we are passionate about. We also have not forgotten how much value we can create by being a part of a strong in-person network. Dell Technologies World is noteworthy because it is a clear physical manifestation of our industry. Not only do we get smarter when we unite, we also become more talented. Dell Technologies knows this and nothing has been left unchecked when they roll out the red carpet at the annual World conference. In 2024, Danoffice IT attended as usual with a powerful force ready to bring new knowledge back to the company. We sat down with three participants from the delegation this year for a talk about scale, network, and the unavoidable main topic of this year. 

The relevance was high

”Being the Head of Sales, I am in no way an IT nerd which means I see things with a different set of glasses. I was truly impressed by the event itself. Jumping head first into a sea of 15.000 people can be quite the feat, but because Dell Technologies had arranged the networking portion so well, it was very rewarding,” Morten Risgaard, Head of Sales, UN & NGO at Danoffice IT, says and then adds: “The location had been separated into regions and bases which gave us opportunity to meet with important stakeholders and a strong network from the industry. It was limited and highly relevant. It was truly well organized including the logistics of it all.”

The Main Focus 

Who can supply the framework for the future? Which technologies are best able to support the inevitable integration of artificial intelligence into our lives and work? The true leading role of Dell Technologies World 2024 was held by somebody artificial. There were only a few supporting characters and stand-in’s because the whole program was staged around AI. 
Kristian Skjærven, Vice President, Global Business at Danoffice IT was pleasantly surprised with the very clear focus: “AI was the overall theme and the overall technology used. Naturally, Michael Dell’s keynote speech was centered around AI. The product launches were centered around AI and the same was true for the services, all conversations and all panels. This all served to confirm that we are on the precipice of the next big industrial development in which AI will be the primary component and driving force. It will change the way in which we work and communicate,” he says. 

Morten Risgaard agrees and stresses that the next big technology wave must be met with a serious mindset. “To me, it was an eye-opener to see it be so inclusive. An omnipresence. This is of the most importance and we all need to get on this train so we are not left behind. This will be a massive shift in our everyday lives just as it was when we got the internet and later on the smartphones.”

AI Must Be Pushed

According to Kristian Skjærven the only question remaining is how we are going to carry artificial intelligence onwards and into our lives and work. This is where Dell Technologies is raising its hand.

“It was very clear that Dell wants to provide the infrastructure to run AI. All the solutions presented along with the new datacenters were designed to crunch data with AI systems at the head of them. That is also the case for their services and soon, we will be getting a request for AI as a Service through our partners,” he says. “Dell introduced the launch of networks and clients that are now more AI ready. The features we have today such as Co-Pilot also need to run at the local level. The hardware we have today is not fully suited for that and therefore, the next clients will have processes that can operate the technology.” 

New Kid on the Block: the AI PC

When looking back at one of the really big events in the industry, we obviously also need to come down from the overall view and look at the technology up close. We had good reason to do so this year. “In Danoffice IT, we are very well updated on the new products, but there were some really big surprises this year,” Brian Mortensen, Presales Consultant at Danoffice IT, says.

What he found the most interesting was the basic work tool: the PC. “There were big presentations from Nvidia and AMD. Dell Technologies wants to supply the hardware for all new AI solutions so they have partnered with the best. The biggest surprise this year was on the client side, which was the introduction of their devices that come with a built-in NPU. Neural Processing Unit from Qualcomm. These are new processors, one separate chip, which will execute AI processes to remove the burden of various processes on your device.

On the server side, we are familiar with the GPU which will reduce the burden of the graphics but this one reduces the power consumption and workload burden which means the CPU is no longer pulling the heavy load on its own. This really is the new kid on the block, and it will be interesting to see how well he is received. It is so new that we cannot even supply it yet.”

”The biggest surprise for me this year was on the client side which was the introduction of their devices that come with a built-in NPU. Neural Processing Unit. These are new processors, one separate chip, which will execute AI processes to remove the burden of various processes on your device. This really is the new kid on the block, and it will be interesting to see how well he is received.” Brian Mortensen, Presales Consultant, Danoffice IT

Deployment Solutions of the Future?

In addition to new clients, Dell Technologies obviously also made a mark on the Datacenter front. Kristian Skjærven puts words to one of the heaviest collaborations on the solutions of the future: “We will most certainly be seeing Dell Factory AI in the future. It has been developed in collaboration with NVIDIA. In this, they have integrated Dell’s hardware into NVIDIA’s AI software and hardware to create new flexible deployment solutions with an extensive Professional Services portion included.”

Brian Mortensen agrees and adds: “we are now dealing with a software engine which can move your workloads either from being on premises to the cloud or the other way around. Or it can move between cloud providers. The cloud costs money, therefore, this is an intelligent solution for continuously keeping the cost down while efficiency is maintained.”  

”A great example of this was the introduction of their new XE9680L server which is an ultra-powerful HPC server with AI technology. It has 72 Nvidia Blackwell processors and Direct Liquid Cooling. With this, you create a reduction from 6 to 4 units while increasing the GPU processing capacity by 33%,” Kristian adds. 

Cheating or Real Tools?

The ongoing debate which started with the first wave of AI is regarding legitimacy, about cheating. Is it real? Morten Risgaard says it is important to find a new perspective. “The questions about security and cheating were of course on the agenda at the conference. Luckily,” he says. “There were many panel discussions with strong players from the tech industry and research industry and these were just as relevant and inspiring as the commercial parts of the agenda. Is there anything to be afraid of? Where is the human aspect going? We must understand that AI can do some things for us. It is a real tool which can free up resources in our companies and our everyday lives.” 

“We must understand that AI can do some things for us. It is a real tool which can free up resources in our companies and our everyday lives.”

Morten Risgaard, Head of Sales, UN & NGO, Danoffice IT

We Need to Bring Our Customers along

Brian, Morten and Kristian agree that this year’s Dell Technologies World was one for the books. It was equal parts an eye opener and inspiring. Just like the AI development itself, large amounts of information can seem insurmountable and loud.

It must be crunched and processed and Dell Technologies was successful in that, Kristian Skjærven confirms. “We were not left standing there confused and defeated, quite the contrary. It confirmed for us that the path we have already started on in our business is the right one, including the work we have done with AI.”

Morten agrees and since both gentlemen are responsible for a mostly global company, the message is clear: “There is a lot of muddied information about AI, but it is time to get into the specifics. We are on board and now it is time to bring our customers along.”

At Danoffice IT, AI has been integrated into our global business: “Our most recent acquisition of Businessmann has further increased our AI skills. We now have a dedicated department which is already helping Danish and global companies with use cases and state-of-the-art AI solutions. We hold a powerful position and can deliver for our customers today,” Kristian Skjærven, Vice President, Global Business at Danoffice IT, concludes. 

Top take aways from Dell Technologies World 2024

Mortens Top 3
1.    That AI is so all-encompassing. Very inspiring!

2.    The event itself. There were 15,000 people in total. The event became relevant which conferences like these not always are. 

3.    Partnerships. A very well-done management of the networking portion with that many people. Excellent logistics which made great dialogues possible.

Brians Top 3
1.    Clients with Qualcomm NPU’s

2.    Dell APEX Navigator: a software engine which can move workloads from being on premises to the cloud, and then back again or between cloud providers. 

3.    Dell's 17th generation servers are on their way this Fall. That is very quick since we just got 14, 15, and 16. We are guessing it is to catch up on the lag in the development after Covid. 

Kristians Top 3
1.    Michael Dell’s keynote speech which introduced DELL Factory AI. It was inspiring for everyone, both the partners and the end-customer.


2.    Powerful benefits from our individual meetings with Dell’s management about our joint global activities. 

3.    Just how extensive AI development is predicted to be. We all need to be ready.   

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