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Sometimes, a new partnership exceeds even the greatest of expectations. This has most certainly been the case for our partnership with Arctic Wolf which we introduced to the world less than a year ago. After an ideal beginning, we are delighted to call ourselves Arctic Wolf Partner of the Year EMEA Alpha and Nordics Partner of the Year. 

These titles were the result of an intense effort to introduce Arctic Wolf’s Security Solutions Center to our customers. These solutions put our customers in a position whereby they are better equipped to respond to cyber threats, but in addition to that, they are able to eliminate attacks and breakdowns in a proactive manner before they can even occur. Thereby, we are taking them up a notch in their efforts to have the security preparedness which is secured into the future in the best way possible.


Danoffice IT & Arctic Wolf

Keep Their Promises

Jesper Skov Johnsen, Head of Sales, Corporate at Danoffice IT enjoys watching this effort: “The journey has been wonderful so far. We have far exceeded expectations when we hit the market. We chose to use Arctic Wolf as our preferred SOC partner because they fit perfectly into our existing services and our consultant business,” he says. “The best part about the cases we manage together is the very high level of customer satisfaction. Put simply, they keep their promises”.

Proactive Partnership

The core of Arctic Wolf’s solutions consists of proactive security solutions. Yet that is also the common denominator in our partnership in which we have dedicated ourselves to sharing their Security Operations Solutions. Now, this effort is being recognized by awarding us not one, but two partner awards:

“Winning the awards of EMEA Alpha and Nordics Partner of the Year for 2024 signifies Danoffice IT’s excellent efforts which have contributed to making Arctic Wolf a global leader in Security Operations,” Will Briggs, Senior Vice President, Global Channels, Arctic Wolf. “Their unwavering dedication to our collaboration has ensured that their customers are able to fight cyber threats of any kind and we congratulate them on their wonderful achievements.”

Top Performance

"The Arctic Wolf Partner of the Year Awards recognizes top-performing partners who have shown excellence in helping organizations improve their security operations through Arctic Wolf’s portfolio of solutions. Now in their seventh year, the honors celebrate top performing companies who are deeply aligned with Arctic Wolf’s mission to End Cyber Risk."

Eliminate the Risk

Jesper Skov Johnsen emphasized the need of Danoffice IT’s customers. “Arctic Wolf is able to meet a need which nobody has met before,” he says and elaborates: “They find the cause whereafter, we move in to repair it as their supplier. We have not sold one singular solution in which their proactive Managed Risk, MR was not included. This piece is quite unique and adds value to the customer. We are a great value-add for each other and together, we contribute to eliminating the risk for the customer. That is a powerful symbiosis and therefore, we most certainly appreciate the two awards we were presented with,” Jesper Skov Johnsen, Head of Sales, Corporate at Danoffice IT, concludes.

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