Danoffice IT Green – formerly Npvision Group – was founded in 2010 by Niels Peter Holm, now Executive Vice President at Danoffice IT.

From the beginning, we have worked with sustainable and circular economy and we have developed a unique launch platform for used IT equipment collected from companies nationally and internationally. Today, we are a part of Danoffice IT. There is good synergy in that.

Because with a sharp focus on, among other things, sustainability, Danoffice IT is a leading supplier of IT to IGOs and NGOs worldwide as well as supplier of IT infrastructure to public and private organizations at home and abroad.

We emphasized community in 2023 by changing our name to Danoffice IT Green and in 2022 by moving in Danoffice IT. Despite the change of name and address, nothing has changed in what we do. We still buy your used IT equipment - and we buy regardless of product and manufacturer.

The foundation

To sum it up, we provide used IT equipment with a new and extended life. This contributes greatly to reducing the impact on our environment and in addition to that, it is a business benefit for the companies who choose to let their used equipment be re-sold. Naturally, Niels Peter also saw a business model in this concept and has developed that, but first and foremost, it was all about creating something meaningful. Something that would make a difference.


The increased focus on the environment has started a new movement. More companies are making choices based on the environment and in that we create a financial incentive to resell one’s used IT equipment, we have created a unique and sustainable business.

We are convinced that we have only just seen the beginning of the necessary attention needed on the topic of recycling and thus also resale of used IT equipment. We are proud and grateful to be part of this. 

AAA Rating

From the beginning, it was critical to us to create a company in which old-fashion excellent customer service is key. Therefore, all of our employees have vast technical knowledge and extensive experience in the IT business.


We have achieved a AAA rating three years in a row. What this emphasizes to us and the world around us is that our business is stable and doing well. It is awarded by Dun & Bradstreet to companies with "an exceptionally good ability to meet current payment obligations".

Care for the environment

Our core foundation is centered around ensuring that what we do is meaningful to ourselves and to the world around us – and that it brings value to our customers. As a result of that, it is of the utmost importance to us that we perform our tasks in a manner that is mindful of the environment and the climate. We have a clear focus on sustainability and we are heavily inspired by the circular economy to which we contribute to ensure that we can do business and manufacture in an innovative way which puts the least amount of strain on the planet.

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