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Container Centralen A/S is the world's largest supplier of transport cages for flowers. In 2012, the headquarters moved from Denmark to the Netherlands, and the move was used to integrate new strategies, seeing IT taking on a stronger, central role.

Written June 2017

Since the story was written, Mirza Mutilovic has changed jobs. That, however, does not change the the topicality of story, or Container Centralens approach.

Mirza Mutilovic, Solutions Architect at Container Centralen, explains: "We started by structuring the processes and consolidating our hosting centers. We had three different ones and are now moving towards having two.". As part of this process, 2016 saw Container Centralen replacing 110 PC’s at one time. In connection with this part of the project, Mirza saw an opportunity for savings that could not, however, come at the expense of performance, durability, stability, ease-of-use, nor warrantees. It turned into a success worth 750,000 Danish kroner in savings, and also made him richer in experiences.


From previous personal experience and lessons learned from other organizations, Mirza had seen other projects where expensive business-model PC’s had successfully been replaced with HP's smaller laptops. All things considered; it takes a steady hand to make such a decision. Mirza chose to discuss his considerations with Danoffice IT and ended with deciding on a test of PC’s from three different suppliers, in order to get a real sense of how they would work in Container Centralen's busy, everyday work environment.

“The choice fell on the HP ProBook, which also turned out to be a faster machine, compared to the other test models. The more than one hundred machines have now been running for a year, and we haven't had a single one come in for repairs yet. It is a regular success story, “he says.

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Within a year-and-a-half Container Centralen's IT department has identified savings worth a cumulative seven-digit-sum, Mirza says. In addition, the organization has seen an increased level of service as a result of streamlining IT processes, consolidating infrastructure and data centers, and negotiating better arrangements with suppliers. "It is part of an overall IT strategy plan, which tries to promote business flexibility, including when looking at the IT infrastructure, just as the process of replacing all the mobile phones and letting employees choose what models they wanted," he says.


Everyone from the headquarters in the Netherlands, sales office in Germany and subsidiary in the US looks to the Danish IT department when things are not working optimally. This is part of why Mirza Mutilovic emphasises stability and warrantees as crucial parameters for the final decision about what products to purchase: “The guarantee must follow us everywhere, and we must be able to count on good service anywhere around the world,” Mirza says.

Danoffice IT has collaborated with Container Centralen on the project and supported establishing these essential conditions. Furthermore, Danoffice IT served as the link to HP, helping to ensure a good unit price and smooth delivery of everything from the first test machines to direct delivery of HP ProBooks with different keyboard layouts to the Netherlands.

In addition, Danoffice IT has been advising on how to optimize seamless implementation of Windows 10 with Office 365. ”When it came to service levels, Danoffice IT took it that step further to help ensure we had a good experience. We are happy and satisfied with everything we got from Danoffice IT,” Mirza Mutilovic says.

Container Centralen


Container Centralen’s full name includes an 'A/S,' which dates back to its establishment in 1976. Today, Container Centralen is 50% owned by the Danish company GASA BOEG and 50% by VGB, the Dutch trade association of flower and plant wholesalers.

Container Centralen is based in Europe, where it has more than 50 depots and its head offices in the Netherlands, but also has a subsidiary in the USA. The company’s various divisions support logistics operations for more than 20,000 customers in 40 countries around the world.

As the incumbent market leader, the goal is to continually improve supply chains by moving products more efficiently. This is done by integrating transport units into supply chains and by handling the rotation through a pool of many customers.

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