For many people, a crispy sausage and a cold beer are a must when watching a football game - and a crucial part of the mood and ‘hygge’ (famous Danish expression, often translated to cosiness).

On the other hand, not many people will know that a Super League match at Broendby IF’s home ground is equal to 7,500 customer expeditions in less than four hours. It requires volunteer staff to be on their toes – and quick on the keys – and the same applies to the underlying software and hardware systems.

“Two things that affect sales in our stalls before, during, and after a match are the result and the weather. In addition, we must be able to deliver high-speed service,” Broendby IF’s CEO, Jesper Joergensen, says.

The service speed is influenced by several factors, including the user-friendliness of the system.

“With a large turnover in a short time, any downtime of the cashier system affects us quite significantly, and our former system was critically dependent on a network connection,” Jesper Joergensen explains.


To increase usability and stability, units with user-friendly touch screen (POS) were replaced at approximately 90 locations throughout the stadium grounds during the spring of 2015. The volunteer employees are happy with the change and the new systems, which, with a few adjustments, have performed excellently, delivering low service times and fewer errors.

Broendby IF's CEO is also very pleased, stating that:

"We have reduced the costs of supporting and maintaining the system."

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“When such a system goes into operation, something always comes up. However, Danoffice IT’s hands-on involvement both in preparations, instalments and the time afterwards helped secure that the systems were ready for the first match of the new season,” Jesper Joergensen says, and continues:

"For a complete yearly cycle, the new system has now been out in the stalls - in the heat, wind, frost and cold, as well as under the inevitable mishaps like a beer or soda spilling out over everything – it has continually run smoothly."

After a year’s hands-on experience, Jesper Joergensen evaluates that the POS system, which is integrated with the club's financial system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, is very stable and therefore also very cost-effective. He emphasises that the actual sales processing has been reduced because several tasks are now performed automatically. Integrating the new sales solution with Microsoft AX solution was an easy decision, as it was the ERP solution that Broendby IF was already using.

"One of the benefits is that we can get a match account completed sooner," Joergensen explains.

An essential requirement from Broendby IF's side was that the cash registers could function without a network connection:

“It was an important parameter for us. Breakdowns in connection would previously have meant that we had to manually register purchases on pieces of paper, leading to much longer queues and service times.”

If an accident happens and the network connection goes down, the new solution provides increased security and efficiency for the employees in the stalls by enabling them to just continue working.

"The offline situation simply requires push a button on the Dankort (Danish credit and debit card solution) machine. Apart from that, everything continues as if nothing had happened," Jesper Joergensen says.


Furthermore, the new solution’s screens are easy to set up, with quick shortcuts that facilitate rapid expeditions. Jesper Joergensen explains:

“Whether you have to press one or three buttons to make a sale is quite crucial. A few seconds here and a few seconds there quickly add up.”

Broendby IF can even design and adapt the layout and functions to the individual booth/match, and it is possible to combine several items in a special match-day offer, which requires the push of just one button to complete a sale.

“It adds a lot of value to us that the system is intuitive and easy to understand. Danoffice IT has shown a great understanding of our challenges and needs. With a targeted tender and matching setup from Danoffice IT, we have reached our goal, both physically with the setup of boxes and with coding the underlying AX system, which enables sales analysis across stalls, stands and VIP lounges,” Jesper Joergensen says.

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Broendby IF was founded in 1964 and is one of Denmark's most successful football clubs of all time. The club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, able to look back at ten Danish championships, nine sets of runner’s up medals, five sets of bronze and six cup titles.

Broendby is, together with AaB, the only two clubs that have never been relegated from the Danish Superliga (the Super League) since the league’s inception in 1991. Since its first promotion to the country's top division in 1982, Broendby has never been relegated.

Broendby IF has Denmark's second-largest stadium with an average of 15,000 spectators per game (2015 figures). There are approximately 90 cash registers distributed across the various stands, which are open before, during and after a match for a period of approximately three to four hours, carrying out a total of about 7,500 expeditions per match.


Broendby IF POS-system:

  • 90 point-of-sale retail systems
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Dankort (Danish debit and credit card system) integration
  • Independent web access

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