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HPE Worldwide Marketing Partner Advisory Board

News - September 27, 2023

"Our communication and marketing will only be relevant if we involve our customers." This is the clear-cut approach from our Head of Marketing, Mette Hylander. She is the driving force behind our visibility in the market - a commitment which is now being rewarded. As the first Danish representative, Mette is now being included in HPE’s Worldwide Marketing Partner Advisory Board.

"If we are not keyed in on the customers, we end up taking action which does not serve our customers – and then we might as well not even try," Mette Hylander, Head of Marketing in Danoffice IT, says and continues: "We ask our customers for feedback on what we are doing. Therefore, I am incredibly delighted at the fact that a trusted partner we have had for several years has the same approach to marketing, namely inviting its customers in for sharing and sparring. And HPE does it very well, they put in great effort since this is a global advisory board".

HPE’s Worldwide Marketing Partner Advisory Board has been in existence for a number of years, and Mette is the first Danish representative on the board ever – and as it is right now, there are only two members from Scandinavia.

A Joint Approach Creates Value

”We are always thrilled at the opportunity to sit at the table and contribute for the benefit of our customers, but this one is very special to me,” Mette Hylander says.

“Through the years, I myself have created advisory boards, through which we have included our customers in everything from development of solutions, to marketing and valuable exchanges of experience. Therefore, I was obviously thrilled with the invitation from HPE as I see ourselves mirrored in this approach and it can bring great value to us and our customers,” she says.

The joint approach of including the customers in the development and the course for progress was clearly exemplified during our most recent seminar with HPE during which Nigal Page, CTO of HPE Northern Western Europe, participated. “When Nigel Page participated in our event, it was very clear how we agreed on our view on things,” Mette explains. “Nigel’s role is simply to go out and speak with the end customers and then take the information he gathers back to HPE’s developers. I have done the exact same. I have gone on several road trips to visit our customers. As such, I find it both impressive and very confidence-inspiring that an organization as big as HPE has the same approach”.

HPE Worldwide Marketing Partner Advisory Board – among other things

At Danoffice IT we have been a trusted HPE partner for several years and one of the biggest partners in Denmark and Europe. We are at the very top when it comes to certifications across the HPE portfolio. In addition to Mette's participation in the HPE Worldwide Marketing Partner Advisory Board, among other credentials, we have the specialist with the highest certifications in Denmark, our datacenter specialist Niels Vejrup Pederson who was made an HPE Worldwide Partner Ambassador in 2022. In addition to that, our network specialist, Kim Ejby, is a member of the HPE Aruba Global Partner Ambassador Team.

Getting Her Hands Dirty

On the HPE's Worldwide Marketing Partner Advisory Board, Mette is surrounded by talented marketing colleagues from all over the world. They all have their specialties and backgrounds, and here Mette stands out a bit: "Unlike some of my marketing colleagues, my background is founded in my journey through the IT industry and in particular, my hands-on experience," she says. "As an example, several years ago when SAN was brand new, I worked as a Business Manager and made quite a lot of configurations and tenders for SAN projects. I have also literally gotten my hands dirty. This makes a big difference to me in that it has given me a unique insight into my work in running the IT marketing."

Access to First-Hand Information

At Danoffice IT, we have highly certified specialists who have been invited into exclusive partner networks with HPE among others. They all have the commonality that the membership provides you with access to exclusive knowledge. However, according to Mette, this is a valuable trade. “Through my participation in HPE’s Advisory Board, I will have access to first-hand information and brand-new information about everything from products, launches, road maps, and naturally also marketing strategies.

However, it will become very interesting when I can give something back. In that I am in constant dialogue with our customers, I can bring their input to the table at the inner-sanctum of HPE. We are a channel into HPE and that can truly become the foundation for customer-focused development. As such, I am humbled and proud of being invited to participate both on my own behalf and our organization’s behalf,” concludes Mette Hylander, Head of Marketing at Danoffice IT.

If you have questions or good ideas for Mette in relation to Danoffice IT's and/or HPE's marketing, do not hesitate to get in touch.