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HP ShowOff 2022

The webinar has been concluded - see the recording

During the most recent years, all of us who work in an office setting have truly had the opportunity to experience what it means to be a flatscreen warrior at the command post at home. This has brought both opportunities and challenges and we continue to learn more about all issues related to working from home. These issues along with some other matters sprinkled in will be what we discuss with HP.

There are some things that should be in order to make working from home a smooth process. Who here has not been in an online meeting where somebody has issues with the technology? This is why HP has placed its focus on developing technology that will optimize the virtual meeting experience in their new generation of professional notebooks. As an example, you will now automatically have help to remove unwanted noise and optimize your picture regardless of lighting. This allows you to be free of the chair and move about without disturbing the other participants in the meeting.

However, the webinar is not just about working from home. Henrik Johansson and Mogens Balle from HP will also go through the improvements in the new product selection and teach you how to gain more power from your notebook, regardless if you are in the office or home.

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