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Choose Danoffice IT to be globally compliant. We are able to make this firm promise thanks to the expertise of our dedicated export compliance team. They are well versed in the complexities of international rules and regulations, and have embedded best practice into our end-to-end process.

Many businesses and organisations don’t fully appreciate the pitfalls of failing to adhere to international rules, such as the export license approvals needed when hardware and software is shipped out of the United States and Europe. Getting it wrong can mean huge delays, negative publicity for both buyer and seller, and irritation for stakeholders and end-users.

For Danoffice IT it is part of standard operating procedure, and we build a full compliance overview into the planning stage of any agreement, so that expectations can be managed and lead times met. When quoting for any project, we’ll establish upfront whether export licenses to particular destinations are required – and if so what the implications are for delivery times. This service enables our customers to manage each project with precision.

Compliance is a vital component in the Danoffice IT model: from GDPR, anti-bribery, solution and internal audit compliance to customs and trade compliance as regulated by European and US legislation.

United Nations approved, and fully compliant with the latest regulations Danoffice IT holds Global Export License approval from the Danish government for United Nations agencies. This means that no license is needed for shipments to our UN customers. Our export compliance team follows all international export control regulations and legal requirements. Before we ship your order, we’ll ensure it complies with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) enforced by U.S. Department of Commerce / Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS); EU-regulation No. 428 of 5 May 2009; and the international Wassenaar Arrangement.