Cross Border Implementation

From Enduser Equipment to Complex Hybrid Cloud Datacenters

If you operate internationally, you can trust Danoffice IT to provide a single point of contact that ensures the same level of expertise for any delivery, at anytime, anywhere in the world. We call it ‘one-world’ solutions, because we have the experience, knowledge and scale to apply one global standard everywhere.

Delivering high-value, mission-critical IT equipment to the far reaches of your global operation can be fraught with problems – from impenetrable local regulations and customs procedures to infrequent transports and complex trade compliance issues. Danoffice IT is able to take away the hassle, and the worry, thanks to our centralized global logistics department, and network of trusted transport partners on the ground.

Every day, hundreds of products leave our warehouse for destinations all over the world, including developing countries. Each shipment is subject to a unique, tailored freight solution that ensures the quickest possible delivery, by the most cost-effective means. The flow is efficient and high volume – allowing us to pass on significant cost benefits to customers demanding centralized push for standardization.

We know the international language of trade and are experts in Incoterms 2010, the set of international rules published by the International Chamber of Commerce that covers the interpretation of the most commonly used trade terms. Our door-to-door service, with guaranteed shortest run-through time, includes customs clearance (though duties and VAT can apply for non-tax-exempt customers).

Danoffice IT is able to apply proven know-how and experience to every stage of the process. Cargo is packed in the warehouse with care and attention to detail; high-value equipment is shipped incognito for security reasons; and a dedicated team tracks each shipment for full visibility from start to finish. Our high standards are reflected in our choice of carefully selected, world-renowned shipping partners such as DSV, Kühne & Nagel, Scan-Global Logistics, DHL, Fedex and UPS.