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A global organization

In a global organization it is important to have immediate access to data all the time without any interruptions. Availability is fundamental in a modern business to keep a competitive advantage and to meet the expectations of customers and users. Access to data is furthermore a necessary and fundamental element in being effective and keeping a constant flow in work processes and co-operations across the entire organization.

In a traditional organization visibility across the entire infrastructure is a maze-like experience which more often than not, makes daily tasks very time consuming and troubleshooting impossible.

When HPE acquired Nimble Storage in 2017, HPE also added the crown jewel, InfoSight to the portfolio. Nimble Storage developed a technology in 2008 that fundamentally changed how infrastructure is managed and supported. With the new technology Predictive Analytics with AI and Machine learning became a reality.


For more than 10 years the predictive analytics platform HPE InfoSight has analyzed millions of pieces of data every second, 24/7 across thousands of infrastructures in the world, providing predictive analytics and proactive alerts for more than 10,000 customers.

The unique technology offered by HPE contains a global database with AI and Machine Learning. Via algorithms and analytics, the InfoSight database is able to offer predictive messages together with solutions to the obstacles ahead.

With InfoSight 86% of issues are automatically predicted and resolved before performance impact is even noticed.

With the InfoSight platform you have an architecture that collects data from thousands of sensors across the entire infrastructure. HPE Infosight analyzes and correlates this data across the install base, generating cloud based predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent issues. InfoSight has visibility up through the technology stack into the network, hosts, and virtual infrastructure.

All data collected by HPE InfoSight related to configuration, statistics, and storage system health is done so in a securely compliant manner. At no time is actual customer data—the data stored in storage volumes or LUNs—sent to HPE. HPE InfoSight collects several types of data from a customer’s infrastructure: streaming statistics, heartbeats, diagnostics and configuration data, and alerts.

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The predictive platform which is based on AI and Machine Learning, is now available to both storage and server platforms from HPE. All HPE Customers on an active support agreement has access to InfoSight at no extra cost.


The demand to have data available at all times is not always met with an experienced workforce that’s constantly available.  When adding AI and Machine Learning you also add the experience from thousands of infrastructures together with their former issues and solutions. Troubleshooting across thousands of infrastructures for the last 10 years is to your benefit and is comparable to adding senior technical competencies 24/7 to the company workforce.

The predictive messaging and alerts help the IT department work more efficiently and proactive and adds time to more valuable tasks.


Danoffice offers an unmatched level of support for companies with a global footprint regardless of the geographical location. Support is provided independent of whether the product resides in a large city, peripheral region or rural part of the world. Danoffice helps to keep a stable work environment where you need it the most.
Danoffice offers an international Extended Warranty Management to customers on all products supplied. Certified, in-house technicians at DanOffice will promptly assist and solve any issues you may experience. The Danoffice Extended Warranty Program ensures full coverage and no-cost handling and repair of your warranty issues. Where available, local Authorized Service Providers will handle any issues relating to warranty during the full term of warranty, (including any extension that may apply as per the product) in a prompt and professional manner.
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