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Experience the ultimate in field productivity with a stable and secure device

Whether your workplace is at a production site, factory or you are spending your workday in challenging conditions in an extreme environment - effectiveness and productivity is a number one priority. The tools at hand needs to be best-in-class and available when you need them. 

Sometimes the elements can work against you and your workday includes being met with extreme situations such as natural or manmade disasters, or perhaps you are working from the more rural parts of the world. No matter the situation, you need to be able to trust your devices to be working when you need them, for example, having the latest updated data at your fingertips, irrespective of the environmental challenges.

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Planning and working from challenging workplaces such as cars, planes or other noisy environments is the reality for some professions. For these workers, priority number one is often documenting a delivery to the right people or planning the next assignment or critical mission. In these cases, your laptop or tablet needs to endure whatever challenges it is facing, both from a hardware and software perspective.

If you’ve been in rough situations and your device is suddenly unreliable, you know how much stress can be added to an already chaotic situation. You need to rely on data deliverance so you can focus on the task ahead.

Don’t settle for anything less than the Dell Rugged series. DanofficeIT offers one of the most stabile solution together with Dell through this series to conquer the most challenging work environments whether it being dust, ice, heat or other rough conditions.

In rough situations It is a necessity to have a stabile device to endure whatever conditions the situations demand.


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Dell Rugged Series

  • can withstand drops and vibrations
  • operate in very hot and extremely cold temperatures
  • are protected against water, dust, and sand ingress

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of a network connectivity or an IT department at hand and it’s not possible for you to go to the closest shop and get support for your devices. You don’t want to end up in a time-consuming process with shipping of a device to the outskirts of the world which can slow you down or stop you to finishing your important missions. With the rugged series you will be able to focus on the real task ahead and not spend time worrying about data deliverances.

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Data stays protected.
End users stay productive.
It stays confident.

Data stays protected in the real world

The Dell Rugged Series helps you get the information or applications, you need when you need it - without compromising security. The Dell Rugged Series is the most secure series of rugged devices on the market. 

Create a secure foundation starting from the endpoint and make your workers confident and productive without exposing mission critical data. Dell Trusted Devices protects you from BIOS threats and cyber hazards with industry-leading endpoint security solutions. The security portfolio includes comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and leading-edge malware protection, giving your end users peace of mind to work safely and securely.

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Dell Rugged portfolio

Danoffice IT offers a wide range of rugged devices together with Dell to meet the ultimate field productivity: 

  • Tablets
  • Notebooks
  • Servers
  • Accessories (Dock, keyboard, headset, monitors etc) 

The Dell Rugged series offers the best value for money when it comes to stabile deliverance of your data and apps. Enable your workers with the best tools in the market and you will be sure that data finds its way back to you. 

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Need another PC than a rugged?

Empower your employees to work at full speed

When people are enabled by technology that works, they can be more immersed in their work, face fewer distractions and interruptions, and increase their productivity. When employees are more productive, so too are companies.

Beyond the Rugged series, Dell provides Business Laptops and desktops to the entire world, and it include series like Inspiron, Latitude, Latitude Chromebook, OptiPlex, Precision, Vostro and XPS brands.

Most common for business purposes would be the Latitude series, XPS, Inspiron – various models depending on the need of the employee. And Vostro for small business needs.

For the advanced user with heavy data workloads, the workstations like Precision from Dell are very well known and highly treasured both as desktops and as laptops.

For the home office or the desk-oriented user – the Optiplex brand where the pc module of your choice can be attached behind the monitor for a clean look would be a great choice.

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Which PC and setup to choose?

To help you navigate the many options that exists we have made a persona brochure for you to download, where we have made concrete suggestions for choice of PC and peripherals for these profiles:

  • On-The-Go Pro
  • Remote Worker
  • Desk Centric
  • Corridor Warrior
  • Engineer
  • Creative Worker
  • Field Worker.

And Thin Client Wyse options exist as well, of course.

Latitude Family – Most Intelligent business PC's with built-in AI Dell Optimizer

  • Faster app performance with ExpressResponse
  • Log in fast with ExpressSign-in
  • Intelligent optimizing battery life
  • Charge faster – up to 80% in 1hr with ExpressCharge and ExpressCharge Boost up to 35% in 20 mins
  • Smart audio that auto-adjusts for best sound quality and conferencing.
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Danoffice IT offers an unmatched level of support for companies an organisations with a global footprint regardless of the geographical location. Support is provided independent of whether the product resides in a large city, peripheral region or rural part of the world. Danoffice helps to keep a stable work environment where you need it the most.

Danoffice IT offers an international Extended Warranty Management to customers on all products supplied. Certified, in-house technicians at Danoffice IT will promptly assist and solve any issues you may experience. The Danoffice IT Extended Warranty Program ensures full coverage and no-cost handling and repair of your warranty issues. Where available, local Authorized Service Providers will handle any issues relating to warranty during the full term of warranty, (including any extension that may apply as per the product) in a prompt and professional manner.


Danoffice IT has decadess of experience on exclusively supplying and servicing IT equipment to international organizations, governmental and non-governmental, and business-to-business partners operating worldwide.

We support more than 1.000 organizations in more than 180 countries. Danoffice IT is a recognized brand to multinational corporations and organizations who need a true global IT partner, supporting any need wherever it may be.

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