Towards a lasting impact with circular recycling systems

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It is globally recognised that climate change is being accelerated by human footprint. The impact of these actions is already visible and for us to focus on nurturing our planet and limiting further damage, both individuals and companies need to take responsibility for change. We at Danoffice IT - an international company with influence – can use our voice in creating change.

Taking environmental responsibility is not a new area of focus for us at Danoffice IT.
We have a three tier focus.
For the last decade we have been very committed to making positive changes and we are a proud signatory to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
Since 2009, Danoffice IT has carried out our “Protect Mother Earth” recycling program. Danoffice IT has a clear target of working with internationally recognized vendors who have documented environmentally friendly policies.
We also have a strong commitment to transparency and high standards of governance and business ethics, read more about Danoffice IT CSR.


Danoffice IT recognises that in order to make an impact that matters, we need to join forces and create partnerships with stakeholders, who have the same vision and drive to transform our planet through change. Through a combined effort, we hope we can take on a greater responsibility together in the journey towards a more sustainable world. Dell Technologies has shown us that they are a driven partner with an approach towards advancing sustainability. Together we are committed to driving progress through technology to create a lasting impact on the planet. 

Largest recycling program on the planet

Dell Technologies has the largest technology recycling program on the planet, with operations in 75+ countries and territories. Many people do not realise how many recycling materials are used in hardware. There is gold, aluminum, plastics and other materials that can be reclaimed and reused.

Recent research estimates that an average of 8 million metric tons of plastic materials enter the worlds’ oceans annually, increasing at a rate of 7% per year as of 2015. Ocean plastic is a global environmental concern due to the harmful effect these particles have on sea life. Dell Technologies works with suppliers to collect, process and mix plastics with other recycled material to create molded trays used for packaging select products. The trays are 25% ocean-bound plastic and 75% recycled PET, using no virgin materials. It is also fully recyclable itself. Dell Technologies recycles millions of pounds of closed-loop plastics (those recovered from e-waste) to make new parts for new computers. They have used these materials in more than 125 different products, including monitors, desktops and all-in-ones.

Read more about ocean-bound plastic waste
Gold Recycling

Dell Technologies has established a closed loop for recycling gold from e-waste back into new motherboards. Gold is used in electronic equipment in small amounts, and amongst other things, is used in contact points in printed circuit boards. Read more ↴

Closed Loop Plastics

Dell Technologies is working to help reduce plastic waste and electronics waste by integrating recycled plastic that has previously been used in computer products into the design.

How are we fighting ocean-bound plastics?

Dell Technologies has created a new supply chain process that recovers ocean-bound plastics, putting them back into the packaging instead of letting them wash out to sea.

How Dell use closed-loop plastics

Dell recycles millions of pounds of closed-loop plastics (those recovered from e-waste) to make new parts for new computers. Dell used these materials in more than 125 different products, including monitors, desktops and all-in-ones. Best of all? Dell is saving money and protects our environment at the same time – it’s a perfect example of what circular design should be! Read more 


#SDG12 Responsible
Consumption and Production

Since 2009 Danoffice IT has carried out our
“Protect Mother Earth” recycling program.

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Collecting — For Recycling

Danoffice IT has collected several tens of thousands of used
toners and cartridges from clients worldwide for recycling

DELL Insights

Of plastic end up in the ocean every year

Of all closed-loop recycled content resin is used

Of e-waste is recycled

Fighting e-waste and throw-away culture

Every year more than 50 million tons of e-waste is produced worldwide. Only 29% of e-waste is recycled correctly, while 71% typically is stored in companies and households, handled incorrectly or thrown out at a landfill. Danoffice IT, together with Dell Technologies, focuses on minimizing the increasing amounts of electronic waste.

A circular recycling system is a system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. It is also against the throw-away culture in society that we can clearly see growing and having a negative impact on the planet. One of the key takeaways from our experience in circular recycling systems so far is that the key principles of the systems must be brought into the design process from the beginning. When eliminating waste becomes a design principle and is part of production, e-waste disappears.

As mentioned, Danoffice IT has executed our “Protect Mother Earth” recycling program since 2009. In partnership with our United Nations clients and our vendors, we collect used toners and cartridges from the UN missions all over the world and recycle them in Europe. Our combined efforts have reached several tens of thousands of units collected so far and still counting.


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Our CSR & Corporate Values


Danoffice IT CSR is built on our Corporate Values, our DNA.

The commitment of our employees and shareholders to live those core values is in our DNA. With our CSR program we wish to be responsible for the impact our activities have on colleagues, partners, clients and communities around the world.
Our CSR is two-folded and based on The Global Compact and The Sustainable Development Goals:

The Global Compact

Danoffice IT is proud of our membership of “The Global Compact” and fully support its policies.
Our Communications on Progress (COP) ensure transparency on what we do, how we operate and how we invest. The COP drive us to perform with the highest standards of good governance and ethics through how we do business.
Please find our annual COP report below, where you can read more about our work on The Global Compact.

The Sustainable Development Goals Path

Danoffice IT supports and initiate activities on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) also known as the Global Goals, and the need to identify, develop and accelerate initiatives.
Responsibility is in our DNA and we always support our customers with sustainable products and solutions. Anchoring our strategy to the SDGs was a natural continuation of our long lasting work with the United Nations, leading global businesses and organisations as an ongoing process to accelerate solutions to meet the SDG challenge.

Read more about our initiatives 




Danoffice IT has more than 20 years of experience on exclusively supplying and servicing IT and IS equipment to international organisations, governmental and non-governmental, and business-to-business partners operating worldwide. We support more than 400 organisations in more than 170 countries. Danoffice IT is a recognised brand to multinational corporations and organsations who need a true global IT partner, supporting any need wherever it may be.