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We are continuously looking for skilled employees in various positions. Below you will find the present vacancies at Danoffice IT. If you do not find a job matching your qualifications and expectations you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application at job@danofficeit.com

Staff Policy

Danoffice IT - Company culture “A great place to work” 2011-2012 Objective. Our company strives for a culture which reflects the ideal place to work. A place where: 

  • we REALIZE PROFESSIONAL GOALS, individually and as a company 
  • we socialize, are HAPPY and can grow as individuals 
  • we have TRUST in our colleagues 
  • we take PRIDE in what we and our colleagues do 

The ideal place to work is an abstract concept in a world of different opinions. However, the definition above is the management’s idea of a great place to work, which is also based on research within this field. You can find more information on ”A great place to work” at http://www.greatplacetowork.com