Huginn X1 Advanced Multi-rotor UAV System

Multi-Rotor UAVs


The Huginn X1 multi-purpose drone manufactured by the Danish company Sky-Watch is extremely easy to use. Designed for search & rescue, law enforcement, and emergency management applications, its rapid deployment provides the operator with a tactical overview within minutes. The Huginn X1 is a perfect tool for reaching inaccessible or high-risk areas and for providing situational, tactical overview. Controlled remotely through a touch-screen computer, the Huginn X1 uses advanced technologies including GPS, live video streaming and FLIR thermal imaging.
The Huginn X1, manufactured by Sky-Watch, is a ruggedised and portable solution to suit your search & rescue work, inspection, surveillance and risk assessment needs.
– reducing risk for personnel and assisting with lifesaving when tracking/finding people in wild or disaster areas.

Time saving
– enabling immediate inspections and reconnaissance, collecting valuable, up-to-date data.

Cost saving
– replacing expensive vehicles, helicopters, aircrafts, boats, cranes and operators.

just unfold, plug and fly.

the only drone which an operator can be taught to fly in just 15 minutes.

operational with a joystick or any Windows 7 computer or tablet.

HD and thermal live video.

proven fail-safes for field use.


operational in 30 seconds.

operational in <120 seconds.

professional, ruggedised drone built for extreme weather conditions.
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Rough terrain and inaccessible areas, the sturdy, specially fitted CamelBak tactical backpack provides all that is needed for rapid deployment of the Huginn X1.