DJI - Ready to Fly UAVs


Although you can purchase a drone from DJI directly, many organizations prefer to buy through Danoffice IT because of customazation requirements, logistical requirements, export compliences

policies, support and services.


At Danoffice IT we offer a wide range of ready to Fly DJI's. Common to them all is that they are ready to fly as soon as they are unpacked. Ready to Fly drones available with different accessories depending on needs. There are drones with built-in camera, others have camera mounts, you can mount your GoPro and others come without any kind of accessory. Are you a first time buyer, a Ready to Fly Drone clearly be preferable. Then release the fact of having to pick the drone. Instead, you can concentrate on getting out and learn to fly with it.


The following drones are part of Ready to Fly: Inspire 1 Phantom, Phantom 2 Phantom 2 with Zenmuse 3D for GoPro, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 5.8G Plus and Phantom FC40.s