UAV Fixed wing

Fixed Wing UAVs 

Robust sensing from takeoff to landing


The Cumulus One is an efficient aerial platform for remote sensing. The low weight ensures optimal safety without compromising endurance. With a flight time of up to three hours the Cumulus One will do the job whether it’s mapping, research or video transmissions over long distances.


The Cumulus One is a completely autonomous system. Once the mission planning is completed the aircraft is hand launched and will carry out the mission and return to land vertically with high precision and no need for a runway.





Cumulus One is an extremely easy-to-use and highly autonomous fixed wing drone build in first class materials for demanding missions around the world. The unique design of the aircraft make takeoff and landing possible with no runway or other infrastructure required. Once airborne the system will automatically fly its pre-programmed mission, and return to land at the predefined location.




Technical Description 


  • Hand launched Yes
  • Auto vertical landing Yes
  • Flight time Up to 2:30 hours
  • Wind resistance Up to 12 m/sec
  • Cruise speed 40-50 km/h
  • Telemetry link Up to 10 km (can be extended)
  • Range Up to 50 km
  • Accuracy*, Ground sampling distance 2.5 cm
  • Payload Up to 600g
  • Standard camera Sony A7R, Sony A6000, Sony RX-100
  • Optional cameras Yes
  • Detachable wings & tail (easy transport) Yes
  • Wing span 165 cm
  • Wing area 28 m2
  • Flight controller PixHawk
  • Max. take-off weight 2.2 kg
  • * Calculation based on the following test conditions: Flight altitude 100 m, no wind, moderate temperature and good light conditions.