Upcoming Event Calendar



2-6 of November NetHope Global Summit 

NetHope is happy to announce that this year's NetHope Global Summit will be held November 2 - 6 at the UN City facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark! Thank you to Danoffice IT for their help in procuring this space and assisting with the Summit.



6-7 May European Comission Civl Protection Forum

Danoffice IT, will take part in the 5th European Civil Protection Forum will take place in Brussels on 6 and 7 May 2015.
It will feature a two-day conference and an indoor and outdoor exhibition, all under the central theme of 'Partnership and Innovation, and focus on new technologies, and innovative ways of engaging with communities and partner organisations.



23-24 April UNPD Technology Fair 

Danoffice IT, will take part in a technology fair organized by the UNPD taking place in Valencia from 23-24 of April where we will demonstrate the Huginn X1 UAV system.