Mr. Mohamed Djelid, Director, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, with Mr. Edouard Firmin Matoko, UNESCO Assistant-Director-General for Africa, and Mr. Byron Nicco Osiro, from Danoffice IT handing over a laptop to Mr. Ildephonse Sinabubariraga from Radio Ishingiro FM.©UNESCO

Danoffice supports UNESCO’s efforts to build capacity in local community radio stations in Rwanda


6 September 2016, Kigali – UNESCO’s project "Empowering Local Radios with ICTs" supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) is aimed at building capacity in the four local community radio stations in Rwanda: Radio Huguka, Radio Isangano FM, Radio Ishingiro FM and Radio Izuba FM. To do so, the project involves a series of workshops related to improving programming quality, providing training on the use of ICTs, and helping individuals to increase their geographical range of news coverage within a network of correspondents. It strives to bridge the gap between poor people - especially women and girls - and the public debate on issues of local public concern. It also focuses on marketing strategies and financial sustainability of the radio stations.


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