Danoffice IT deploys civil drone to help Humanitarian NGOs after Philippines Typhoon


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A strong help in many field missions:


The Huginn X1 quadricopter flew over a hospital devastated by the typhoon to assess damages and estimate resources and equipment needed. “It was used in order to bring more rapid relief to the victims of the natural disaster” says Ronald Christiaans, Training Coordinator at the National Operations Centre of the Netherlands and EU Civil protection Expert.
The UAV was used to assess the “buffer zone” which is the area where the sea covered the land and destroyed everything. Here again, the aerial live stream video identifies damages and gives valuable information related to the ease of access to the areas. With this, relief teams can identify most affected areas and allocate their resources more efficiently.
The civil drone was also requested to assess damages caused to fisheries and rice plantations.
Eventually, the drone was involved in a search of missing bodies amongst debris and in the Bay of Tacloban. As confirmed by Ronald Christiaans, “The Huginn X1 drone proves added value during the first phase of an emergency. In this first phase, the focus is looking for survivors.” 

Press coverage

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Transcript in English:

The company Danoffice IT in Svendborg sent over the weekend a drone expert to the city of Tacloban in the Philippines where the typhoon hit.

He has a drone with him - it is equipped with both regular camera and thermal camera which will be used to provide a better assessment of the damage and persons who may be stranded.

Tuesday Morning, the company received the first image from one of the drones which have flown over Tacloban. It shows a large group of people at the city's airport where they were waiting to get on a plane to the capital Manila.

The quality of the image is limited by the fact that it has been sent through a text message. Indeed, there is no internet connection available in the disaster area as commented by Mikkel Buhelt, public relations consultant for Danoffice IT.

Radio interview
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Transcript in English:

Danish drone is now being deployed to help relief efforts after Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines ten days ago.

The drone was in the weekend sent off with a drone expert. And from today, the drone is ready to take flight with its High definition and thermal cameras to assess the extent of the disaster and look for people who need help, said managing director Lasse Heckmann from the company Danoffice IT, which has donated drones:

"It will typically fly at relatively low altitudes, 60-70 m height, and record very detailed maps and imagery."

Nearly 10 million people are affected by the typhoon and the relief efforts are at several places chaotic. Relief work and cleanup is expected to go on for months, and the drone main tasks are to assist organizations on location to prioritize the effort, said Lasse Heckmann:

"There are mudslides, etc., which have changed the original structure, and they will get a much more nuanced picture of how the infrastructure is today."


Press release

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