Danoffice IT in the news

On Wednesday 13th of February 2013, the Funen TV channel TV 2/FYN has broadcasted a 27 minutes report on Danoffice IT.
Employees from various departments within Svendborg headquarter were interviewed and gave their view from inside. 


Our staff members explain how it is to work for Danoffice IT. They are pleased that customers are very satisfied by the level of service. They are proud of what their work brings to populations from 3rd world countries. Indeed, the IT equipments that we provide are supporting United Nations and International Organisations to complete their missions and help people in distress.
Danoffice IT CSR activities are also mentioned. For example, many employees run twice a week not only to stay fit but also to donate to a good cause.


Some of our activities are presented in more details. Tina Jorsal goes through the Logistic worldwide expertise that Danoffice IT offers. Customers benefit from our capacity to deliver in more than 160 countries including embargoed and challenging locations. The logistic flow is managed with very high standards and a special care is given to always keep the customer informed along the process.
The mobile biometric solutions offered by Danoffice IT are also presented. This customable ID management kit is key to support health, election or refugee camp administration and demonstrates Danoffice IT technical consultancy.

Please watch the video below (Danish language):