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About Us

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Danoffice IT provides professional and efficient IT & IS turnkey solutions to international organizations and businesses operating worldwide.

Danoffice IT offers a one-stop-shopping platform with an array of products, services and logistical solutions backed by professional and certified personnel ready to assist your HQ or local offices, anytime and anywhere.

Danoffice IT elaborates on +21 years of experience on exclusively supplying and servicing IT & IS equipment to international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations and business-to-business partners operating worldwide.

Our 70 staff members support more than 250 organizations in over 163 countries. Danoffice IT is a recognized brand to multinational corporations and organizations who need a true global IT partner, supporting any need wherever it may be.


Financials 2017

Please click on the below picture to read the Key financial figures for 2017 after PWC independent audit.


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The Funen TV channel TV 2/FYN has broadcasted a 27 minutes report on Danoffice IT in February 2013.

Employees from various departments within Svendborg headquarter were interviewed and gave their view from inside. They express their satisfaction of working for one of the main suppliers of IT solutions to United Nations and International Organisations. Our staff members also highlight their everyday pride of helping people in distress in 3rd world countries by their work.

Please click here to watch the video and learn more.