Mobile Biometric Solutions

Mobile Biometric Solutions, AFIS and Data collection kits

Danoffice IT is a worldwide major supplier of Mobile Biometric Solutions and data collection kits for election commissions, UN agencies, NGOs and international communities operating globally.


Our Mobile Biometric Solutions and data collection kits are proven, reliable and accurate solutions for registering voters, issuing ID-cards, verifying duplicate entries, cross-matching imagery and biometric information.


The Mobile Biometric Solution system and data entry section can be adapted to suit unique enrolment and registration scenarios. Data fields concur to specific customer needs and scenarios. The special Biometric Software secures correct enrolment entries and data validity.


Proven Technology


Our Mobile Biometric Solutions and data collection kit is solely built and configured to conform to the latest security standards facilitating specific enrolment needs. We solely use MegaMatcher TechnologyTM in our systems which is a widely renowned technology for large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric systems.


The MegaMatcher TechnologyTM ensures high reliability and invaluable speed of biometric identification.


Our logistical expertise


We know how crucial it is that large material delivery is delivered on-time conforming to strict freight specifications. Every shipment is truly unique and we understand the importance that worldwide deliveries of such paramount value arrive at precisely the right location with exact quantities ensuring documentation and freight handling the least of your concerns. Punctuality and sense of urgency is our utmost priority when it comes to all standards of election systems to voting and registration solutions.


An extensive network of strong global partners and suppliers enables us to source, procure, package and deliver materials according to strict specifications and timelines mandated by large international organizations.

Our solution was in 2008 selected as the voter registration system in Bangladesh, counting 80 million registrants.


Danoffice IT assisted the Kyrgyzstan Election Support Project in October 2010 with special kits and as advisory partner.


Danoffice IT assisted with special kits, the National Electoral Commission in Tanzania 2010 and is currently in 2012 assisting the Pakistan Election commission.