Mobile Biometric Solutions

Cash Voucher system based on biometrics

The Cash Voucher System is made for easy enrollment, registration, verification and execution of workflow in Aid and Development projects in rural areas. The platform is designed to be altered and modified to suit the exact needs of your organization. The system is based on the use of low cost Android tablets or smartphones with connection to a high quality fingerprint scanner.


Projects the system is intended for:


  • Donating cash or vouchers (food, tents, utensils etc.) for registe- red refugees

  • Verifying that workers are present at a project (Building infra- structure, digging wells farming, road construction etc.)

  • Verifying payment to workers/beneficiaries.


The software working on the tablets is used offline to capture enrollment, verification and status and upload them to a central database server. Together with the information entered into the tablet the GPS position and time is also registered.



  • The offline Enrollment process is fast.
  • It uses the build-in camera in the devise and captures the face image.
  • 2 fingers are captured by the high quality fingerprint scanner.
  • Beneficiary details are entered.
  • Beneficiary is identified offline through face or fingerprint
  • Verification is registered with time and GPS position
  • Verification of beneficiary / worker
  • Verification of cash or voucher
  • Verification of receipt of cash or voucher
  • Transaction is registered with time and GPS position
  • All information is synchronized with server
  • Reports
  • Central work status display


The design of the workflow in the system can be altered to suit the requirements of the project. We can use the system to moni- tor a project not only by people but also the execution progress of the project.

The personal data on the tablet are encrypted and password protected. The security level can be raised or lowered depending on your requirements and the nature of the projects.


Examples from the working solutions:

Cash or vouchers are delivered in a secure way. The packing of cash or vouchers is done in a central place for instance the Head quarter. The cash is packed in an envelope with a preprinted label inform who the beneficiary is.


Label from a payment envelope with QR code


When envelope is transferred to beneficiary the transfer is registered and ”Payment Transfer Details” are synchronized.

The server status display gives a graphic overview of the will give an overall status of the project or work flow.


Status screen from server.


Payment Transfer Details

Completed payment details
from server